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 What happens if a cats diabetes isnt treated by insulin?
my cat just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and they told us to give him insulin and also gave us special DM food for the cat. we havent actually gotta any insulin yet and my mom is debating ...

 Triglycerides and carbs?
My doctor recently told me my triglycerides are very high and I need to watch my carb intake. When I had asked how many per day I should take in he wouldn't tell me, he said I would drive myself ...

 Is it possible that i am a Diabetic?
This is whats going on i have been having tingling and numbness's in my toes and knee and muscle pain in my right calf for a couple of months. My Doctor sent me to have an EMG study done ...

 why has it taken so long to explain the blood vessel diabetic damage mechanism?
in today's Daily Mail they said that sugar produced nitrous oxide and that it then roughens the wall of the artery - plaque then sticks to it and starts to narrow the blood flow.
Why have I ...

 i had glaucoma since 5 months?
i had glaucoma and i make laser operation and now i take 2 kinds of drop
is the sun in summer make problem for the eye the temp. around or more 120...

 I think I have diabetes?
I am always, always thirsty, and I pee a lot. It's really embarrassing. I'm afraid to talk to my mom about it, because I was supposed to lose weight so that this wouldn't happen. My ...

 what happens if you do surgrey and you have diabites?
My dad is doing surgrey and it's in his hernia bellybotton area he has diabites and highblood pressure his surgrey is in 6 days :( & Im really scared,What are the risks at the srugrey & ...

 when a person binges does all the calories come up when they purge?
say you eat donuts with sugar or french toast with syrup. are you purging all that up or is the suger from the donuts and the syrup staying in you ?...

 blood type?
can a O-blood type and O+ blood type as parents have an A+ blood type baby? please ...

 What constitutes a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes?
I have a friend that brought up an interesting question...On a routine examine, her doctor did a HbA1c test that came back as 5.7% but her FSB (fasting blood sugar test) came back as 133, should a ...

 What are the problems arised due to diabetes?
What are the problems arised due to diabetes??
if a women has diabetes what will happen????????
what are the symptoms??? and consequences of diabets???????
what are the internal and ...

 what physician treats diabetics?

 Can Muscular fasciculations be caused by having high glucose in a diabetic person?
my boy is 13 years old, his reading were coming high and trembling were coming out of nowhere so his doctor advised to have metformin removed, , so his glucose readings were even harder to control, ...

He did not examine my thyroid or even ask me how I was feeling..I asked his assistant and he said that his wife had breast cancer and he did it because he cared????? It wasn't a natural exam he ...

 Why am I going to the bathroom so much?
I'm a 24-year-old male and in February I was diagnosed with prostatitis. I got over it and thought I was fine. In May, I started feeling like I had to go to the bathroom, etc. I went to the ...

 How would i write with my blood?
the problem isnt getting the blood, i cant think of a way to make it neat, ive seen special pens and everything, but is there a simple way with using stuff from home?
Additional Details

 What is Cortisol's receptor and where is it located?

 i have only one symptom of diabetes that cant be explained any other way, do i have it 0_0?
ok i have a teensy weensy weight problem (5'2 and 75 kg 17 yr old female). my urine smells sweet and is the only sign of diabetes I have. do i have it?...

 Do all people with diabetes loose weight?
i have nearly every symptom of diabetes the thirst, the hunger, the excessive urinating, and the fatigue especially, also the dizzy, disoriented confused feeling.

the one thing i dont have ...

 im on metformin glipizide lantus and novolog why are my levels staying high?
also have cirrhosis and fatty liver
Additional Details
thanks for your ...

false 1hr blood Glucose test?
I had a Blood glucose test last week. It came back at 211 and I was informed I didn't even have to take the 3hr test because it was so high. For the last 4days I have been checking my glucose. I have had a few that have been mildly elevated, but tonight I went way off my diet my BG was normal. I didn't have Sugar, but I had a regular diet with lots of carbs and protein(meat, potato, corn,milk) I was just tired of being hungry. I was wondering if anyone has ever had a false 1hr test before. I have a Dr apt on thurs and I was thinking about asking my DR for another test.
Additional Details
I forgot to mention this is for gestional diabetes. This was my 28wk glucose test.

Tin S
If you check your fasting glucose everyday and its below 100, then you had a false test.You are probably at least pre-diabetic. SO get use to craving all thouse food that you only can have a little dab of.I think you will join the club soon. Get busy and exercise and a low glycemic diet. Diabetes is a terrible disease. It never lets you go until you are dead...

Good luck my friend>

Ask for an HbA1C test. You don't have to fast for this test. The result gives you the average blood glucose level over the past three months.

Peter M
Sure! Another test in your case is definitely called for. I'm surprised it hasn't already been suggested. You need to find out without question what your blood sugar levels are on a day to day basis. A diagnosis of diabetes is not something to be taken lightly. Don't ASK for another test, politely demand one!

German Shepard
Any random lab test that is over 200 is cause for a diagnosis of diabetes. The A1c test is not acceptable to use in diagnosing you diabetic or not.
Type 2 diabetes takes many forms, so I think you are diabetic. What was your meter reading before dinner and what was it one hour after the first bite? You need to think eat and exercise like a diabetic. Use your meter to find out what different foods do to your BG levels and you will be much healthier.

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