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everytime i drink coke i need to go toilet?
like what my question say i keep needing to go. i know that coke has a lot of sugar so of course you need to get it out, but is it normal after every time you drink coke.

i admit i do drink a lot of coke but every time i have a glass i need to go like 10 minutes later. also it doesn't help that i feel thirsty afterwards and want another glass of coke. it worrying really.

then noticed it happens when i drink juice like summer fruits etc... could it be because of the sugar that making me go toilet each time?

not to worry you but sounds like your kidneys aren't doing their job well. See a doctor if it really is worrying you

Timbo is here
Sugar does not make you go to the toilet.
Sugary drinks can make you thirsty though as they leave a sicky deposit in the mouth

Sounds like diabetes. I have it myself and so i should know. Feeling tired, and urinating allot is a symptom. It's even more worrying that you do it after squash as well. Another sign is, and i don't expect you to announce it to the world on the iternet, is urinating in bed, and getting up in the middle of the night to drink.

Usually it takes less than ten minutes though for you to urinate with high blood sugar. It's nearly instantaneous. If i were you i would have a test. If you have pain in the side of your stomach it might be something to do with your kidneys. Either way see a doctor.

Cha Chi
Coke, Pepsi, Root beer, ice tea, anything with caffeine is a diuretic - makes you urinate more. Also, the more liquid you put in, the more will come out. It is not because of the sugar, but the caffeine and the amount you are drinking. The sugar will add calories, make your pancreas work alot harder pushing out insulin to process the sugars in your body, and store it in your liver and help you put on some pounds, but, it's the bending the volume you can thank for the many trips to the john.

Veronica Alicia
coke contains caffeine.
Caffeine is a diuretic.

Perhaps you could get yourself checked for diabetes... the indicator being that you still feel thirsty after having a drink. You don't mention frequency that you're goign to the toilet, but if it's often - and not just after drinking coke - that is another sign of diabetes. The doctor will ask for a urine sample to test for any sugar in it.

Plus coke has caffiene as well as sugar in it, so it's a diuretic which will only dehydrate you anyway - try water or sugar free fruit squash instead. (Not as nice I know, but they'll help).

I am diabetic and I drink sugar free soda at times and I go pee alot too. If I drink coffee I pee alot as well,so its because they contain caffeine and are natural diuretics too. You may want to be checked for diabetes as well to be on the safe side especially if you are overweight or have other symptoms and thirst is one of them but sodas do make you want to drink something after them so try water to clear up the problem before drinking another soda. Just to let you know sodas contain high frutose corn syrup and if your drinking them and you are pre-disposed to diabetes it isn't good for you because they cause a rise in blood sugars way above the need. Having to pee does't mean your kidney's aren't working right they in fact aare working harder especially if your diabetic and if you are they might put you on medication and high blood pressure meds to protect your kidneys, but soda will damage your kidneys as well if you drink too much of it over time.

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