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 How much is a bottle of insulin? "Lantus"?
in the USA

My cat just got diagnosed with diabetes (yeah, no kidding) and I am trying to figure the budget adjustments. They get the same insulin as ...

 if your sleeping will your body wake up if your blood sugar is low?
the last 2 times my blood sugar was low i actually woke up. will this always ...

 Isn't a diabetic supposed to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, I know someone with it who smokes and drinks?

 Could I have Diabetes?
I'm 16 and have recently noticer symptoms that could
Be diabetes, i have lost alot of weight, am usually very thirsty, i feel drowsy occasionally and then cannot sleep and go to the toilet ...

 what to get a diabetic bf for v-day?

 Could I be Diabetic judging by what I've written below?
I'm a 17 year old girl and I get frequent headaches that aren't caused by dehydration, I have increased thirst and hunger - i drink over two litres of water a day, I go to the bathroom a ...

 Im so confused!!! If diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar then WHY do diabetics have to eat LESS ?
Hi, Im really confused. I asked if diabetes is caused by eating too many sweets or eating too much sugar, in coffee, cakes, ice cream , ect.....Many people said NO

But then why do ...

 Does it bother people with Type 1 diabetes to be compared with people who've been diagnosed with Type 2?
I've had juvenile diabetes since I was 11. People who've recently been diagnosed with type 2 usually compare themselves to people who make NO insulin and cannot control theirs with DIET ...

im 13 neally 14 years old and i think i have diabetes and i dont know what to do... the simptoms i have are:

•Extreme thirst
•Extreme hunger
•Frequent urination

 What happens when a diabetic stop taking insulin?
I have been diabetic for almost 15 years. Presently I do not have insurance and can not afford the two types of insulin that I require. What will happen as I have not had any insulin in about two ...

 Happy with my pump!?
I got my paradigm 722 insulin pump hooked up last Friday and I wanted to let everyone know that I have not felt this good in 18 years!!! Im so very happy with it! I feel like a new person! I would ...

 Recently found out that I have low blood sugar, and I'm CRAVING sweets!?
I had blood work taken and found out that I have slightly low blood sugar. My doctor suggested that I make an appointment with a nutritionist and have her explain to me what types of foods i should ...

 Does this sound like I have diabetes?
I am always tired, even when I get a sufficient amount of sleep. I usually use the bathroom often, but lately I have been going excessively. And I get headaches about 2 or 3 days out of a week.

 Is diabetes mellitus caused by obesity?
Is diabetes mellitus caused by obesity?...

 This morning i woke up with a blood sugar of over 400...?
and i have large ketones still. i have a pump, and could my site be bad? i just changed it last night....

 What if Im diognosed with diabetes?
Diabetes runs in my dad's side of the family. If I am diagnosed with type 1 or 2, will I need to go to the hospital? Will anything hurt that they do to me there? Will I be hooked up to a bunch ...

 my mom has Diabetes does this increase my chances of getting diabetes?
hello. ummm my doctor want to take my blood to see if i have diabetes and im kind of worried because lately ive been drinking lot of water going to the bathroom allot and ive gained weight and also ...

 Will they give someone an insulin shot at the hospital for temporary relieve of high blood sugar?
Is it worth my time to go to the ER for my blood sugar being around the 300s? Are they going to do anything to help me?
Additional Details
This is not a normal occurence for me, it is ...

 My Hemoglobin A1C is 5.9 percent. My fasting glucose was 98 mg/dl. I am 29 years old. Am I almost diabetic?
Diabetes runs in my family. My Dad is currently on Dialysis for Kidney failure resulting from his Diabetes. I am concerned that my H A1C level may hit 6.0 and I will be diagnosed with Diabetes.

 I'm Diabetic and young! Are you? Here's my story what's yours???
Hello! I'm 12 years old and have Diabedes! Do you???? I found out like a month ago and I was really sick and Mom finally took me to the doctor and he said that I should get my blood drawn so ...

does having diabetes make you grouchy?

YES!!! At least I do if my blood levels are out of control.

virginia c
as a type 2 diabetic myself my answer is yes. if my sugar level is to low i take offence to anything said to me at the time. once i get my sugar back to normal i'm ok. if the sugar is to high i simply don't feel good, sluggish. all in all i describe diabetis as a roller coaster ride.

Mary L
If you suddenly begin to feel jumpy, grouchy or out of sorts, take a moment to check your blood sugar level. Altered glucose levels can also make it harder to concentrate and make you feel fatigued.

Gary B

High blood sugars affect EVERYTHING! Even your brain!

Constantly high blood sugars (indicating that the diabetes is out of control) causes mood swings, AND there is a link between diabetes and early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

My mood swings were so bad that my wife almost divorced me before I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes!

Not all the time.

But if your sugar is low, or very high, it can create mood swings, and unpredictable moods.

Well, I guess it depends.
Diabetes itself doesn't make you grouchy. The only thing diabetes is is too little of a hormone (insulin) , or none is being made in the pancreas. That's also true of depression. Diabetes though, does not cause crankiness.
Hypoglycemia (too little blood sugar, caused by fasting or too much insulin) and Hyperglycemia (caused by too little insulin, or too many carbs/sugars), can cause crankiness. But people who do not have diabetes can have hypoglycemia, and they are cranky too. It's less common, but you can still get hypoglycemia (too much exercises, fasting for long periods of time...) even if you aren't diabetic. So diabetes itself, does NOT make you cranky, but symptoms can make you cranky, even if you aren't diabetic.
Make sense?

karen h
You become very irritable when your sugar is high. Karen H a Type 2 Diabetic.

Mr. Peachy®
Blood sugar swings can affect your moods. Being diabetic, all by itself, doesn't necessarily make you grouchy. Especially, if it's well controlled.

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