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 Frequent urination could mean diabetes?
My boyfriend just had a doc's appt today for possible ulcer. He also told her that he urinates about every hour (full bladder not just a trickle). She didn't even examine him and told him ...

 Do i have diabetes?
im 14 and im worried i have diabetes , i started to notice a few months well maybe even more than that i have it because i got off the bus one time and i felt really dizzy and my vision was very ...

 I have an uncontrollable hunger for food that i can't shake. can anyone help?
I am not a morbid obese person but I am getting closer. i have tried everything and it seems like that just makes it worse. It may sound crazy but around my time of the month it gets worse. Any clues ...

 For diabetics "white foods" are what.............?
do they mean flour, breads, potatoes etc..?
and what else?


 Do I Have Diabetes or Something?
I'm Fourteen! And My Glucose Blood Sugar is Like 116-130
Do I Have Diabetes?
Additional Details
And I Take It Like 2 Hours After I eat!...

 Type 1 Diabeties/hypoglycimia?
What is the difference between the two? I don't really understand?
and are either of these things possible to get from lifestyle decisions ex: what you eat

if so how.

 I have an adult friend who has high diabetes I have a question?
when a person has high blood sugar levels what is the fastes way to get her sugar lower, in a hurry? She takes a pill twice a day and I believe it needs adjusting, but what do you do in a emergency ...

 I'm peeing blood!!!!!!!!!!?
Someone please help!!, I am so scared, last week I was constipated and now I realized that I am peeing blood! It's not a whole lot, but it' enough to change the water color. I have some ...

 Do you ever eat a Hershey's bar even though you have diabetes?
I have been dying to have a Hershey's bar for SO long. But my parents really don't want me to because they don't want me to get in the habit of giving myself extra insulin just to eat ...

 is those reasdings of blood sugar dangerous 2.5 and 3.8?

 Can anyone explain in layman's terms the "Somogyi Effect" or "Dawn Phenomena"?

 I think raw food has CAUSED diabetes, what do I do?
Raw food: Raw leafy greens; raw fruits; raw nuts; raw seeds; raw sprouts; raw seaweed; raw algae.
Additional Details
Okay everything I've read about a raw food diet is that it CURES ...

 question...help????????????? Diabetes?
okay so im throwing a little party.. im inviting only my 3 best friends...
one of my friends has type 1 diabetes though =[
im not sure if she's allowed to eat sugar
if shes not.....

 Can no sugar added cookies or ice cream still raise blood sugar in diabetics?

 I have been type 1 Diabetic for 21 years...?
I am now 24 years old and my last 2- A1C I have showen protein in my urine, does this mean my kidneys are failing? Or could it be that my Blood sugar was kinda high, it was 141. Please help me ...

 is it possible to get diabetes if i eat like 4 puddings and 4 jello's a day, when theya re 22 g or sugar each?

 I think i may have diabetes:( ?
Alright. So Im not sure if I do. I dont know. I feel weak. And lately i would get really random headaches, dizziness. I would also feel weak. I also Can't sleep properly? If that counts as well....

 BLOOD GROUPS! If my Mum Is AB and my Dad Is O, what am I?
just ...

 OMigosh, Im really sick right now? I dont know why? Im Diabetic and...?
Well, Im Diabetic And I Just Feel Really Sick To My Stumach, Sometimes I Look Flushed! So As I Said I Feel Sick Like Im About To ( I Hope Your Not Eatting ) Puke. The One Night I Was Up Untill 1:30am....

 Does too much sugar really cause diabetes?
I've always heard "eating too much sugar can cause diabetes."

Is this true?

I'd think, if that were true, buying sugar would be banned. So what's the ...

does drinking alot of water help lower your blood sugar?

Drinking enough fresh plain old mountain fresh water keeps our system working better, nicely. Stale water, on the other hand, isn't much good.

You may need a little more if you drink cola, coffee, tea, or brews that have varieties of different health aids.

But you should consider that with caffeine in your diet you should add an extra 6 ounces of plain mountain fresh water to the usual number you drink to help flush out the residual of coffee, tea, super charged water, vitamin water and/or cola flavored.

Oh! You will get wings alright and the bathroom will get less visits.

But you will get stuffed up and need to get some plain mountain fresh water to help when you just want to go number 1 later on in life, without sudden out house calls from the littlest bit of excitement going on around you.

Like a laugh that tickles you so, or a family person who stays just a little passed their point of welcome. Always the little things throwing off your game that never bother us before.

Drinking a lot of water really helps lower the blood sugar and if you drink four glasses of water early in the morning before brushing your teeth helps clean your bowel and you toilet very well.

Probably does as I drink 2-3 gallons per day. The norm is 6-8 glasses. Apple cider vinegar in water levels the blood sugar. Just 2 tbls. in a glass of water before a meal will help because it has 93 vitamins and minerals. Take away that constant hunger. You must use it daily for it to do its job.

Kellie P
My son (8) was diagnosed with type 1, 26/1/07. Drinking lots of water does help him most of the time. Also if you try something different in your diet may affect BSL.

No sorry, it is good for you yes, but it will not bring down your sugar level, go for a walk if they are up higher than normal.

Uncle Meat
Resistance training (weight training), a high fiber diet, and eating protein with every meal especially six small meals a day will. In addition, it will take off a great degee of body fat.

Agreat book is the Body Rx by Dr. Scott Connelly and you can buy it used on amazon for $2or $3 bucks.

Eating a diet like in the Body Rx will help by slowing your insulin release and increasing your insulin sensitivity.

Water is very slight and temporary but it does not mean not to get plenty of water everyday. Good luck my friend

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