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maybe this ...

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that means that i have diabetes?...

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diebetic wants to know which is better on sugar beer or whiskey?

Chris D
lol nun is good to a diabetic i had diabetes about 14 years now and when i was diagnose the doctors told me to never drink i never took a sip since.so if they told me not to drink its BAD

mother at 36
Neither are good, but whiskey is the better pick of the two. Beer has yeast which causes a rise in blood sugars. I don't drink to often but when I do I have malibu and diet coke. I usually wind up with sugar lows. So when I go out and I know I am going to have some drinks I have to eat a candy bar first.

Whiskey, without a doubt because it contains no carbohydrates but it has to be taken with caution as it reduces blood sugars, sometimes to a dangerous or even fatal levels and it cannot be taken with sweeteners such as coke, pepsi or 7-Up.

It also reacts differently with diabetics, some will notice no difference others will see drastic drops in their blood sugars and yet others will claim their blood sugars rise.

It's a trial and error process, what one needs to do is check their blood sugars while consuming alcohol and what numbers they see may depend on what they ate and when they ate.

Beer has lots of carbs., so it depends on how much is ingested.

German Shepard
They should both be about the same as long as the whiskey is straight or mixed with water only. Your meter will be a better place to get an answer. Test before drinking, 90 minutes later and the next morning.

Peter M
I'm a type 1 and like my beer though I don't drink whiskey. I drink Miller 64, which has, like the name implies, 64 calories and less than 3 carbs. I don't guzzle a case a day but I do on occasion have a six pack. I've noticed no troubles with my sugar levels.

Neither is the best bet. I am a type 1 diabetic. I do drink both whiskey and beer and they both have different reactions on my body. The best way to find out what it does to you is try both on monitor your blood sugars. Then whichever one that affects you the least is the one I would do in moderation.

Whiskey is actually carb-free, unlike beer which has a lot of carbs unless you choose a low-carb or light one. Even with the whiskey, make sure you eat a snack along with it because alcohol causes blood glucose to go low a couple of hours later.

Tin S
Alcohol, such beer, reduces the amount of the enzyme that breaks down triglycerides and spurs the liver to make more triglycerides.

Some people have increased susceptibility to developing raised triglycerides in response to alcohol. So if you do not require insulin, or are not a diabetic, and consume alcohol regularly, you may be able to lower your elevated triglycerides just by avoiding beer.

The liver can detoxify about 1 serving (12 ounces) of beer per hour - equivalent to 1 serving of an alcoholic beverage or 4 ounces of wine.

In the meantime, however, glucose tends to be further processed into triglycerides which raises their blood levels (some drinks may contain fruit, syrups, or other additives that increase their carbohydrate count, thus, triglyceride levels).

It brings up two general misconceptions about beer drinking.

First, that beer is harmless, because it's only 5-6 percent alcohol, compared to 40 percent for whiskey. Not quite so. Keep in mind, there's as much alcohol in a can beer as in a shot of whiskey. Additionally, regular beer contains both alcohol and carbohydrates.

Second, consuming the beer over a long period of time will have little effect on one's sobriety. Not so. It takes hours for the body to eliminate even small amounts of alcohol.

So, if you are a six-pack-a-day person, by the time you pop the last can of beer at the end of the day, your blood alcohol level may be dangerously high.

I do 6 beers a day and have no problem<

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