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Wendy G
can i have a normal baby if im diabetic?
i was told last october i have diabetics and i was told it is dangerous for me to have a baby??
i really want a baby but im also scared incase something happens?

it can harm you but not the baby. you can get high blood presure and gain weight, hypertension.

they only thing that is potentially dangerous for the baby is early birth.

usually tho mothers that are diabetic have big kids, like over 10 lbs easily.

I had diabetes for about 12 years when I had my baby. She was perfect and healthy. Before becoming pregnant, see your doctor, and get a referral to a specialist. Follow their advice, and take excellent care of yourself, before and during your pregnancy.
Good luck!

Miz Lamb
That famous family of "They" has done more damage than any that I know of. "They" say this, and "They" say that! and do you know that "They" are usually wrong?

Yes, you can have a normal baby. You may need to find a special Endo/Gyn, but they are available. This is doctor for high risk pregnancy.

You will need to have very careful control of your glucose numbers. But there are loads of ladies who have had very successful pregnancies for a long time!! And most of them have 2 or more babies without problems.

Find a different doctor if the one you are seeing is the one that told you this fable! Relax, get control going, and have a very happy baby!!

Love ya, Grandma Sue

♥ terry g ♥
I am in this situation too. Keeping tight control before and during pregnancy is the key to having fewer complications. You need to really discuss this with your doctor before you even attempt to get pregnant.

your pregnancy will be more high risk, yes. but as long as you take care of your blood sugars you can have a perfectly normal baby. my mom as a diabetic gave birth to me and my sister (we're twins) and we were perfectly healthy and normal. best thing to do is constantly follow up with your doctors and just do whats best for you and the baby. good luck!

It will certainly depend on your individual situation - and you should discuss it with an OB that is skilled in diabetic pregnancy - but in general cases, Yes, you surely can have a healthy child! I have been type 1 since I was 8 yrs old. I have had 2 perfectly healthy children.

I will give it to you straight; it is not an easy road, especially if you're type 1. It is a high risk pregnancy and both you and the baby are in danger if things don't go well. That's why it is SO very important to be in good control before getting pregnant. Pregnancy hormones block out insulin and if you're type 1 you will most likely be on more insulin than you ever could imagine. And b/c of the increased insulin, the potential for low blood sugar is high as well. I had MANY scares while pregnant, waking up in the ER many times having no idea how or why I was there. And I tried very hard to do everything I was sopposed to do. Sometimes it just happens anyway. Diabetic mothers usually do deliver larger babies b/c insulin acts as a growth hormone in the unborn child. My first weighed 10 lbs 6oz - and she was 2 weeks early. My son was 9 lbs. 7 oz - and he was 3 weeks early. Also, babies can end up being born with low blood sugars, b/c their own bodies have made insulin to offset mom's high sugars. My daughtre was born with low sugar and had to be in NICU for a few days with a glucose IV.

You'll need to monitor your sugar and your diet and your overall health VERY closely and sometimes it gets very overwhelming. Make sure you have a support team in place, including good Dr's.

Both my children are now grown and perfect in every way and even after all the chaos during the pregnancies, I would do it all over again. If you want I'll give you my email address. I wish you the very best of luck

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