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Angela M
With type of diabetes is more dangerous type 1 or 2?
I was just wondering because my best friend has diabetes and i was wondering witch is more dangerous

They both can kill if untreated. Type 2 is the more easily controlled. That's what I have. I started out as a type 1 but I got really lucky and my pancreas woke up a little. I was able to stop shooting insulin and now just take pills. That, along with a veerry strict zero sugar diet and some exercise seems to be working well.
Overall, type 1 is more serious, but neither one is a joke.

they are both relatively the same. but type 2 is mostly avoidable. and curable. if you lose weight and exercise you can get rid of it. but type 1 is incurable.

Ryan M
Although both are equally dangerous, type 1 is generally considered more serious as it requires injections or use of an insulin pump. With good care though, it's easily managed.

type 1 is probably more dangerous short term because of low blood glucose but both are equally dangerous long term, type 2 especially if it goes unnoticed. type ones can eat anything they want as long as they match it to their insulin. anyone who saysotherwise is obviously still following advice from years ago however for type 2's on diet obviously their die is much more restricted. neither have to be dangerous though as long as they are properly controlled

Miz Lamb
Neither is more dangerous than the other. In fact they are 2 separate diseases from different causes. Just the name and the fact that both are "sugar" issues makes people think they are the same.

The dangerous part is UNCONTROLLED or non compliant patients. The most dangerous part of this is that people who do not follow low carb food plan, yes, even type 1 people need to, and heavy exercise plan are at risk for some very unnice effects from high glucose levels.

Some type 1 people keep saying that they can eat anything they want and just inject enough insulin to cover it. But this isn't necessarily true. The more insulin a person injects the more fat they build up in their system as insulin converts carbohydrates into fat and packs it on the bod around the middle and causes the scales to move ever upward.

We must educate ourselves about diabetes and become our own specialists in what works for us! Because what works for me, may not work for your friend. And with type 2 diabetes, what works today, may not work tomorrow as it is progressive and progresses at its own speed no matter what we may be doing to control it. This is the depressing part.

Both the diabetes is dangerous. But type 1 is little more because type 2 diabetes is controllable but not type 1. Type 2 can be control by food and daily habits but type 1 have to have insulin shots.

There is no mild form of diabetes. Type 1 & 2 refer the origin of the disease, not to how serious they are.

The problem is that blood sugar can become too high and this can cause all sorts of problems if it is not controlled. If it is well controlled, which means following some basic guidelines and checking blood sugar regularly, they should be OK.

Type 2 is generally easier to manage than type 1.

Ha Ha, this is a fight that has been going on between type 1s and type 2s for years on who has it worse, or whose is more dangerous.

In short, Type 1.

A lot of type 2s don't take care of their control of their diabetes. Meaning they eat what they want carelessly of what is in the food (note: this isn't all type 2 diabetics)

Type 1s can't do that... Well, unless they wanna die within a month

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