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 What tests would have have to take in order to take a blood test?
i think its a tests where they take blood and they get a print out of some stuff does anyone know what it is?
Additional Details
i meant to work in a hospital sorry guys please ...

 My hands tend to shake sometimes, and a friend told me that it means I have Low sugar levels...Is this true?

Additional Details
I don't drink coffee, and rarely drink caffeinated beverages....

 Beyond swelling of extremities, are there any serious consequences of taking actos and glyburide/metformin?
My doctor says I should tough it out. Is there no more serious effect from the swelling? I don't want to put up with this, and find out in a year from now that I have to have my foot cut off!...

 does taking steriods increase your blood gucose levels?

 I wanna be a blood ? how do i do it ?
how do i become a blood ? what do i do ? what is a blood ? If your a blood you should give me your digets ? (:
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Its a gang ?...

 Complications of Diabetes.?
My mother had diabetes when I was a teen. Before she died she was left a with multiple amputations and only had her right arm left. Had anyone had servere complications or know of people that have ...

 what should i do i have diabetes?
i just found out i have type four diabetes and idk wat that is what should i ...

 What is Insulin.....................?
Ive searched Insulin,What is Insulin,Easy terms about Insulin,but nothing has helped. Maybe YOU guys could help me.
EASY terms...
My friend and I are doing a project about "Diabetes&...

 how long can insulin be out of refrigeration?
My mom is a diabetic and we are traveling long distances by bus and she has to travel with her insulin....

 I've been prescribed that I was a type 2 diabetic, but Im also on insulin, and I want to get rid of it? I?
I've also been told (well since I moved to Florida) that I was a type 1 diabetic, can someone please tell me what type of diabetic I am, because I've been having a lot of complications with ...

 Where can i find a list of foods with their sugar information?DIABET help?
I want a list that show me what is usefull and what is harmfull for diabet.
Mayby a diet plan....

 can low pottassium levels kill you?

 do i have diabetes?
i always am thirsty and peeing more than ever. i have had scabs on my legs for over a month and am always hungry but never gaining or loosing weight
Additional Details
i am 13 and not ...

 blood sugar level 29?
what happens if blood sugar level is 29?...

 Is this a healthy blood pressure for a thirteen year old?
My blood pressure has been around 90 over 50 for a couple of days, it hasen't gotten any higher then 95/54 in the past four days. It is usually 126/80 or around there. Is my current blood ...

 Do i have diabetes or am i just terribly sick?
I have lost 8 pounds in 2-3 weeks.I a constantly thirsty/hungary i can eat a lot but the thing is any time i drink water or a liquid i throw up Little bit.I have been ill like drowsy,tired,stomach ...

 is there any permanent solution coming in future for children suffering from diabetes disease in small age?

 why am i having extreme! high and lows? (type 1)?
Im 15 and ive had type 1 diabetes since i was 7
ive never been a 'great' diabetic but this past week ive been having extreme highs and lows for no reason that i can tell i go from 350 ...

 what symptoms can you get if you're diabetic?
my dads got diabetes..and most of my dads side are diabetic..
i'm scared i might get it..

but how can you tell if you're diabetic..?


 Where can I take Vials of Lantus Insulin to be tested in a laboratory? ?
My partner is insulin dependent & he suspects he has a bottle of insulin that is not working correctly where can I take it to have it tested in the NH-MA area?
Additional Details
We ...

Why does my blood sugar spike after 2 cups of coffee w/no sugar, 2 tbsp nondairy creamer?
Details: woke up with a blood sugar of 120. Took a 14 unit shot of novolog fast acting insulin. Right after, I drank 2 cups of coffee with artifiicial sweetner (splender) and 2 tbsp of coffee mate non dairy creamer. When I checked my blood sugar 1.5 hours later, it was double to 240. HOW or WHY DOES THIS OCCUR?

splenda is NOT an artificial sweetener it's made from sugar.the creamer has sugar in it try using equal or the generic equivalent.find a sugar free creamer or cut down on how much creamer you use.i'm not diabetic but my parents and my brother are and i don't want to become diabetic so this is what i've benn doing for a few years now to help control my sugar level before my age gets the best of me.my parents have age on set diabetes

Keturah Hopping
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Coffee-Mate's non dairy creamer has sugar.
Also, I think artificial sugars can raise your blood sugar a little when they activate the 'sweet' receptors, but I don't think that would be a big deal. Caffeine seems to have a little effect on blood glucose, but I can't find anything dramatic.

The creamer and splenda still have an effect on the blood sugar.

Miz Lamb
Splenda does not contain any carbohydrate grams.

But have you bothered to look at the amount of carb grams in the creamers?? they contain lots of stuff that is carby! and 2 tablespoons in a cup is a lot! Especially considering it doesn't have any fat in it to mitigate the carbs.

I get by with far less spike with real sugar and cream!

mildred f
Blood sugar changes all the time, but it roughly does a undulating pattern continuously. This is true whether you are diabetic or not. A diabetic, however, has a more pronounced undulation. So, of course, you then have a spike in your blood sugar. Long acting basal insulin is used to correct this too high/too low pattern.

Further there is a phenomenon called the Somogyi effect. This is defined as increasing blood sugar levels through the day. So you start the day low (or high) and go up and up (or down and down). This pattern is a 24 hour pattern, but **can be longer or shorter**. Pills, that is, the hypoglycemic medicines, are used to manage this.

So, in addition to insulin, you would also need to take these other products to control your blood sugar.

Recent studies indicate that artificial sweeteners stress your insulin isles and pancreas just as much a real sugar. I haven't seen that study first hand to evaluate. it. Sounds plausible, though.

Your best bet is to be sure that you are tightly controlled at all times. So that means you go to your doctor weekly-or more often-to accomplish this. And even to the point that you take your food with you when you are with family and friends at any event where food is involved, including a restaurant. That way, you know exactly what you're eating.

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