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 What are the symptoms of seliacs?
My mum thinks I could have seliacs (sorry if spelt wrong) I am Diabetic and they are heavily linked but can someone please tell me the answer to y question this cold be really serious and you could ...

 500cc NaCL with Heparin 25000 units to infuse at 1200u/hr. what rate do you set the pump?

 Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus this is my first time to make one. Help.?
Who can help me with a Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus? it is my first time to make one please help?

admitted this 60 year old female widowed roman catholic


 How much insulin would you have to take to ensure death and how fast would it work thinking of Actrapid?

 Newly Diagnosed Diabetic?
I was recently diagnosed with diabetes but have not gone to the endocrinologist yet to see what type I have. I am 21 years old with a history of diabetes on both sides and the doctor thinks I have ...

 Diabetes and your Pancreas?
well I just became a diabetic but how. I know your pancreas stop working but how could that happen so whats cause your pancreas to stop working?????...

 what if u dont have cateracts removed?
i have cateracts and dont see well, but im not having them removed as my mom had a bad experience when she did and she has macular d and is blind. i wont have it ...

 At age 77, what is my life expectancy?
Based on actuarial insurance tables, what is the life expectancy at a given age?...

 Which organ doesn't require insulin for metabolism of Glucose in it?
Is it brain? Brain utilizes Glucose but I don't know its perfect mechanism. Does it need insulin for its metabolism?
So back to the main question, which organ doesn't require insulin ...

 Diabetes question. Someone, please, help?
What does it mean when it feels like a 100 pound person is sitting on your shoulders? I feel weak and and need support when I'm holding something or I'm walking. Could this be a blood ...

 How do you know when you've had a hypo?
I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for seven months. During that time, I have never had a hypo.

I checked my blood sugar today and it was 2.9 (I had made a rookie mistake with my ...

 Friend with Diabetes... soda?
My best friend has diabetes. I'm not sure which type.. but he drinks soda A LOT. like a can or two a day.. his mom gets mad at him... but he doesn't really seem to care. he'll be 15 ...

 are people with diabetes easily angered?
i was txting this guy i like, he has diabetes and has been complaining about being sick for the past few days and he didnt talk to me all yesturday except for a little in the morning so i was mad. he ...

 I drink plenty of water throughout each day, but my throat always feels dry and...?
it feels like it has mucos in it all the time, too. i also have to go pee every 50 minutes or so. why? this has been going on for 2 weeks..

thanks :)...

 If I had diabetes, would my urine smell?
Would this be the case or are there any other ways of knowing?
Additional Details
It doesn't smell sweet or anything. I was just wondering if it wouldn't smell sweet even if I ...

 HYPERTHYROID ISSUE: I am hyperthyroid (TSH 0.01) but have gained +30 lbs. If given medicine, will I gain MORE?
I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and have a TSH of 0.01. I have gained over +30 lbs and am severely fatigued. Will I gain even MORE weight when the doctor puts me on medicine for my thyroid?...

 My boyfriends daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. Do you?? - help me understand!?
Her and I are very close and I want to know everything I can and I know she gets tired of people not understanding - so I don't ask.

As a medic, I understand what to do and how to ...

 Is it ok to eat little sugary or deep-fried items now and then, for pre-diabetics?
Do I have to maintain an all the time totally strict diet as my blood sugar had gone upto pre-diabetics range, (although I have brought it to normal now), or is it ok to eat little sugary and deep-...

 Can't stop peeing but not diabetic. What's wrong?
For several months now I have been thirstier and urinating so frequently it wakes me up at night (to the extent where I have a terrible sleep). I have suffered from recurrent UTIs and have been ...

 do i have diabetes, just want to be sure?
im a little afraid, that i may or may not have diabetes, ive had numb toes for about two weeks, at first i didnt know why i had numb toes, and still dont know why. When i searched the web i found out ...

Why does my blood sugar level drop so fast?
I have type 2 diabetes and today when I checked by blood sugar it was 135. I went for a brisk walk for about 15 min. and when I re checked my blood sugar it went down to 87

during exercises more energy is needed, so burning more sugar in excess of normal sugar consumption during 15 minutes. i mile brisk walk may lower sugar level by 25

Perhaps your blood sugar was already dropping when you first checked it at 135.

That would partially explain the drop, combined with the exercise.

TheOrange Evil
Exercising improves your body's ability to use the insulin your pancreas produces. Some diabetics don't experience the blood sugar benefits of exercise, so be thankful that you have a healthy way to lower your blood sugar. :)

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