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 how much weight do you think i will gain from diabetes?
hi, i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in january this year at 15 yrs old, so i've had it for about 5 months.

before, i was 5'4" and about 103 pounds. i've always ...

 I have a weird reaction when giving blood. What's going on?!!!?
Every time I give blood, whether it's for blood donation or just for blood tests, something wierd always happens to my body. I am alway fine until they finish and take the needle out, then all ...

 what exercise should be prescribed to diabetes type 1 patients?

 I found out my mother has high blood sugar what should she eat?
She is vegetarian, which means, no type of any meat-eggs, seafood, etc....

 How do you become diabetic????
I just ate a whole pie and my bro jokingly said im gonna get diabetic, is that possible?

P.S im not ...

 Diabetic question about Equal?
My mom is diabetic and without insulin, her glucose levels are usually between 300 and 500. She stopped drinking Coke (thank God) and now she orders unsweetened iced tea.

But she puts 6 ...

 At what age should a child start to take over their own insulin shots?
My 7 year old wants to take over from me and her daddy when it comes to doing her shots.

I've told her we'll discuss it with the doctor at the next appointment, but it seems to ...

 Can I put my site on...?
the back of my leg? I want to try different places to insert my site and am not sue if the bak of my leg is a good place....

 my blood type is o negative. what does that mean?

 diabetic problems?
hi all,
someone has proposed for me but he is diabetic & he takes insulin
i want to know will that disease affect anything in our future life or not??
coz i heard from other ...

 what kind of meal plan is good for a diabetic? like what do you eat for breakfast ,lunch and dinner?

 I am grade 2 diabetes and I am having my Blood counts 7.5 to 7.9 in the morning. What can I do to reduce it?
I am having hot flashes every now than then I am a worried about it .
I am 52 years old male and I had this condition with the diadetes problem for the last 6 months can youy help me ...

 Please help me.My friend wants diabites?
Okay....im 15 and so is my friend.
she is being sooo stupid i know.......
i don't know why she wants it.
it might be because she wants to inject her self with inssulin or ...

 Why does my blood sugar spike after 2 cups of coffee w/no sugar, 2 tbsp nondairy creamer?
Details: woke up with a blood sugar of 120. Took a 14 unit shot of novolog fast acting insulin. Right after, I drank 2 cups of coffee with artifiicial sweetner (splender) and 2 tbsp of coffee mate ...

 What do diabetic ulcers on the feet look like?
I have a mild case of diabetes. I have been getting sores on my feet from itching and they have a hard time healing. I showed my doc's nurse and she said it didn't look like diabetic ulcers ...

 what are the causes of diabetis?

 do i have diabetes? and i want to know what type?
ok so i have incredible thirst (sometimes but very often) i do go to the bathroom but i say thats in the middle my mouth is dry (usually) i get sick a lot i can't go to sleep i get dizzy and i ...

 Diabetes! Im very confused :(?
My dad has diabetes so I have a very high chance of getting it

I wanted to know is it possible to get Type 1 Diabetes if I eat too much sugar?
This is very important because in a day ...

 Is it true that Cinnamon tablets lower blood sugars in type 2 diabetics.Has anyone proof it really works?

 what can i do to lower my sugar level when i wake up ?
I am taking 2.5 mm, 20 min before dinner, I have gestational diabetes, and every morning before eating my sugar level is 100-110, and the rest of the day is 70-80...

Charlotte Grey
Why does my blood sugar go down when eat?
I am a TYPE II Diabetic (I said TYPE TWO, people) but I AM NOT ON ANY MEDICATIONS at the moment.

For example, I can eat a big chunk of cheese and my BG goes down from 210 to 95.


Today, for lunch, I had an omelet with a side of strawberries and a chocolate milk shake (sweetened with Stevia) and my BG was 170 before and 125 after...

I thought maybe the process of eating stimulates my body to produce more insulin. But, then, wouldn't just having high blood sugar be enough stimulation to produce more insulin???

OR (remember, this is with NO MEDICATION!)

One day, it even happened that I was at 150 before eating and then 58 after eating...

Why does this happen?

now ,every one will try it

1. Check well either your status of diabetic.
2. Check your instrument. (Most of the instruments work with some code
etc which is assigned to the stripes you use for blood samples).

Peter J
i really dont know

not an informed opinion here so do not put your life in jeopardy based on this.

insulin is the catalyst that converts blood sugar into available energy for the body's use.

when the body processes food nutrients, it dumps some of those into the blood stream. without the insulin to process these nutrient's into the sugar and the energy precursory necessary for the body's use the total blood sugar ratio goes down. tmm

i personally believe that a diet designed for your body and an exercise regime will level your " playing field" the sad thing is i have no clue exactly what that entails just for you .

When the sugar or energy is simultaneously used up it will show as low sugar.

Mary L
Balance your blood sugar to balance your scales.

The US is obsessed with thinness and overwhelmed by obesity. The bookstores are filled with the latest and greatest weight loss guides. You can't turn on the television without seeing the answer to all your weight loss dreams. So what's the problem? Why are we still fat? The research has been done; the answers are out there. Now it is up to us. I know, I was hoping for the magic pill too.

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