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 I think i have diabetes. What should i do?
Im thirsty but i can't drink anymore because im full from all the water I was drinking before, but yet i'm thirsty. I'm also very tired or not tired at all.I'm the only one ...

 what are the first symptoms of diabetes? PLEASE!!!?
do you know someone with diabetes, how did they find out?
and what did they have to do to control it?...

 What's it like living with diabetes???

 whats the difference between type1 and type 2diabetes?

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 Question about selling blood?
ok so, my friends friend gets her blood taken every week and gets paid 50$ a week to do it? where? how and is this ...

 a mate of mine has just taken my blood sugar (sat) it was 26.5 is this bad?

 Hi am I entitled for free prescription as I am a diabetic?

 What are the signs of appendixs?
I have been coughing for almost 2 weeks and the lower right side has been hurting ...

 Whats the hardest part about living with diabetes...diabetics ONLY or people living with a diabetic?
I don't remember how it happened, but my English Professor and I got on the subject of my type 1 diabetes. She asked me how many shots I took, and when I took them. I told her usually I take 4-6...

 i have a friend who i s borderline anorexic..?
she isn't fully anorexic but she's really cutting things out of her diet more and more, first it was stop eating junk foods and pop, and next it was go vegan, and now she just stopped ...

 what should MY blood glucose be? a fasting was 111 . my doc sent me home w/a glucometer to check my result
twice a day but im taking it three times a day
Additional Details
so i report back in 21 days and am getting am gluc of 94 to 120 and after meals 119 to 130 and at bedtime 119 ...

 I'm diabetic and my two of my toes on the same foot are turning blue. One of the nails is turning yellow.
When I bend my toe slightly, my foot starts to go numb, should I go to the hospital, the doctor, or just do nothing?? I haven't stubbed it, and I wear white socks, so it's not bruised or ...

 I have Diabetes type 1 and I have had it for around 6 years, I'm 14, when do you all think there'll be a cure?

 I just saw that my dad was looking up diabetes online. Now im worried?
My dad left a page open on diabetes and now I'm worried he has it. Nobody's mentioned anything, so what else could it be to help me calm my nerves? T...

 Is it safe to NOT consume any kind of sugar for a long period of time?
Like for year? You see my father in law believes because his Dr. told him that ALL sugar is bad. So he hasn't consumed sugar in months. Not even a grapfruit he thinks is ok sugar to consume. He ...

 Is this worth going to the doctor's for?
I done a glucose home check today and my blood glucose seems to be 8mmol/l..I had my breakfast at 12pm, toast and tea and didn't eat anything until 7pm, when I done the test. Is this worth ...

 i cant stop uranating, about once every two hours and at night as well.?
it can be healthy i was wondering what the problem might be.
Additional Details
im only 26 im not fat at all, i do abit of exercise but not as much as i used a year ago,over christmas l ...

 Diabetes Survey :D please answer?
1 Do you have diabetes?
2. what type is your diabetes?
2. Did you inherit it or acquire it?
3. Do you know other people with diabetes?
4. Are friends with them?
5. Do you ...

 how old do you have to be diabetes?
well my boyfriend is 25 and he drinks allot of soda juice beer and he goes to the bathroom allot and he was fat he weighted 215 he is 5 -10 height now he weights 180... it might not be nothing but i ...

Why do people with diabetes smell funny ?
It is like a fruity/sickly smell

blankity blank
maybe you are smelling the cleanliness from them , something that you are not used to

what a stupid question

I've never noticed that before...are you sure you haven't got a raspberry stuck up your nose?

Johnny C
They don't.
That particular person probably smells.

JustMe (:
I know people with diabetes and i cant say i've noticed anything like what you've described.

I have 15 family members with diabetes and 3 friends who all have diabetes and none of them smell at all. I've worked with many people who have diabetes and none of them smelled either.

They don't...

The only possible way that could be is the insulin.

Old Man Jennkins™
i dunno I've never smelled someone with diabetes...but maybe its cause of the insulin

SUE G online
wasnt aware that i smelt, nobody has ever said anything before

dwaraka n
the fruity odor means diabetes is un controlled other wise no comments like that present

both my parents suffer from diabetes and smell no different to me

Sometimes when having a hypo, a diabetics breath can smell a little like pear drops.

Emily B
i have not noticed that but before or close to the time when people are diagnosed with diabetes one of the symptoms of it is having fruity smelling breath if that answers your question

Dr.Vin ND
The only thing that may smell funny is the urine which contains a large amount of sugars. The sugars may also escape through the pores which may cause a fruity smell however, I have never heard of this happening.

Courtney B
Are you talking about type 1 (found in mostly younger people like kids)or type 2 ( Found in elderly or obese people) diabetes? Well if you're talking type 1 then I know its caused by extreme high blood sugar. The smell is usually is because of DKA or diabetic ketoasidosis. And that smell only comes from those people who are in that dangerous state.

When there is too little insulin in the blood keytones accumulate, acetone is one of the chemicals called keytone. It can be vividly smelt on the breath of an uncontrolled diabetic and smells like pear drops.
It is not a stupid question and rather valid.

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