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 If your glucose intolerant do you need insulin?

 What would you do as a type 1diabetese if your Blood sugar is 200-25o mg/dl before going to bed?
I inject 3 units of act rapid insulin and then go to bed ,but what would you do in this situation?

 Worried about diabetes?
For the past 2-5 months sometimes when i wake up or when i lay down for a long time my leg or hand starts to tingle, even if i wasnt laying on it. i exercise and hour a day and i dont drink soda, i ...

 Can You get diabetes from not eating?
My mom told me you could.. So im just wondering....

 I crapped out blood before??!?!?!?
I went to the toilet before and i saw blood in my crap and wiped my *** and there was blood on the toilet paper, Ok for the past 6 months or so my anus has been burning everytime i havent taken a ...

 how do hormones control blood sugar levels?

 Why would fasting Blood Glucose be consistently higher than Bedtime levels?
I am trying to get my blood sugar levels into a normal range with exercise and diet. I am not on insulin or drugs and have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes but my MD is concerned about my fasting ...

 why is my fasting sugar level higher than post fasting level?
My fasting level sugar is 146mg while my post fasting level is 126mg, why is this?...

 Diabetes help?
how does physical activity help diabetes, if u no a site would be gr8 or if you could ...

 i am a male with diabetes; for the last 3weeks at night my body aches all over even my skin hurts.?
it only happens at night any ideas what it is please ...

 haveing uric acid in blood.(7.8)pl suggest diet, my age 59.can take egg/?

 am a type I diabetic patient on insulin........?
i am a 17-year-old boy and am suffering from type I diabetes and i think that because of that am look like so slim actually i would like to be get more physically fit body. is there any medicine ...

 vitiman store question?
ok so i went to the vitiman store and this guy said hey you wana get big. and i said yes. so he took me in the back and gave me this stuff called "roidz"???? (thats what he called it) ive ...

 What are the long-term and short-term advantages/disadvantages of drinking alkaline water?
Will drinking alkaline water help in controlling diabetes,retinopathy, pyelonephritis, UTI and calcification of arteries? Will it do any harm to a person having these diseases/...

 has anyone here done research on the possible cause of diabetes being a "parasitic fluke"?
I have been doing a lot of reading pertaining to alternative medicine, and have come across this several times.
has anyone had any experience with this?
Additional Details
I am ...

 what is the name for having too much sodium in the body and what problems does/could this cause?

The doctor has been playing with my husbands blood pressure pills , she has now changed them agian . He started to take them 3-4 days ago.Today he got dizzy and fell and almost got knocked out and he ...

 Where to buy RED WINE tablets in chennai?
Dear all , pls guide me where to get redwine tablets in chennai
Where to buy RED WINE tablets in ...

 what causes dissyness and light headedness?

 Can you delete the results off a OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meter?
If so how can you, because mine is getting so full. It is so annoying to have to go through them all. So if you know how to delete the results or reset the meter period please tell me. Thanks in ...

Sam I Am
Why do I feel weird when I'm hungry?
I'm a type 2 diabetic. I'm taking the proper medications for it, and it's well under control.

It's 1pm, and I've not eaten today. My blood sugar level is normal.

Why am I feeling so lethargic & dizzy? Hunger never used to make me feel this way. It's hard for me to pay attention right now.

I did eat dinner last night, so it's not that.

Just curious. Thanks

I myself am type 2 diabetic and if I don't eat I start feeling so weird that I feel i'm going to drop dead.. lol my hands start to shake, my insides start to feel so weird i can't explained it but it's not a good feeling. you start to see blurring, start getting dizzy spells. You also have to remember that even if it's an apple, banana, etc. you have to eat something in the morning because now that we're diabetic we have to eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks a day whether we r hungry or not or else we will wake up feeling like crab. lol we can't just eat whenever we want anymore plus you waiting until 1pm to eat is not a good thing maybe that's the reason why you're feeling weird when you're hungry because it's telling you that your blood sugar is low and you need to put something into your stomach so that you can stop feeling weird when you're hungry. . I always carry candy with me everywhere I go it sure stops me from feeling weird when i'm hungry. Give it a try and see what happens. Take care and God bless!

Eat breakfast lunch and dinner, 2 snacks. What you are doing by eating so infrequently is dangerous. go to your local hospital or ask you doc for a referral to a diabetes educator. Good control of blood sugar is more than the numbers, it is about how you feel as well.

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