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 I have raised ALT levels which are getting worse from 99 to 155 to 284 then 324.?
what could be the possible causes?
how worried should I be?
could it be cancer?...

 A study of 60,000 children showed that those who chewed 10 pieces of Sticky gum, sweetened with sugar, every?
day significantly lowered their cholesterol by 2 points, those who chewed 10 pieces of Sticky gum, which was sugar-free, significantly lowered their cholesterol by 1 point and those who did not chew ...

Ok so i don't know how to take a tablet, the only time ive took paracetamols is when i dissolved one in a drink. I need to know how to take a paracetamol properly without dissolving it. Please ...

 symptoms of diabetes?
dizziness,being tired are this also one of ...

 What organs help controls the flow of insulin?

 what foods to eat when you have high cholestercol and high triglycerides?

 how would this affect my blood sugar? (i'm new to this)?
I was recently diagnosed with type 1. Theres this ice cream sandwich in the freezer calling my name. it says the total carbohydrates is 18g. sugar is 14g. so...what can I do?...

 is hb1AC test available in India for Blood sugar?
Whenever we do Fasting & PP Blood Sugar Test in any lab in India??IS it by default Average or Hb1ac test.Or we need to specify I want to do Hb1Ac test??...

 could people with diabetes eat Mung beans and why?
I have a science project and i need help with my Application can you help???...

 Type 2 Diabetes Questions?
Anyone with experience? What do you feel like with type 2 diabetes? Signs and symptoms?...

 When was type 2 diabetes discovered ?
i am doing a research paper on the genetic disorder, Type 2 diabetes, and i need a little help. if you can help me i also need to know who discovered it and how. thanks so much for your help !!!!...

 blood sugar is 140 when I woke up, and 243 after breakfast?! is this normal?
I tested my blood first thing this morning and it was 140, I was super hungry and shivery, so I ate a bowl of oatmeal and then measured my blood sugar after, and it was 243 twenty minutes after I had ...

 NANDA, NIC, NOC help?
I need an NANDA for hypertension and Diabetes. Anyone know any??...

 what causes blurred vision in diabetics? (10 points)?

 plzz help me with this..Since insulin and glucagon are not brought into a cell, why don’t their concentrations?
Since insulin and glucagon are not brought into a cell, why don’t their concentrations in the blood stream increase forever?


 Low blood sugar? (scariest episode for me ever in a year this morning)?
OK!, so ive had enough with this crap. For the past few years ive been doing my thing or we and it just hits me ill get lightheaded, and ill start shaking and feeling unstable. I had my blood levels ...

 Do You Know a Good Endocrinologist in Los Angeles?

Do you know a good endocrinologist in the Los Angeles area? Preferably around North Hollywood or Encino. One that is knowledgeable with hormonal inbalance or insulin resistance.

 I have just recieved my minilink realtime transmitter.....?
Does anyone know what I will see on my pump...will it just be arrows showing the trend of my blood glucose or will I be able to see numbers and how often does it read your blood sugars??...

 Can I take just my Humilin R for a couple days?
I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I take Humilin N and R twice daily together. I am out of N and won't be able to get any until Monday. Is it safe to just take my R dosage without the N for the wkd.? If ...

 What is wrong with me? (Read more)?
Ok, before you go on about 'see a doctor' i'm going to soon hopefully cos i'm worried
I'm excessively hungry, thirsty, tired and all that
and ive heard thats a ...

♥Mama de Hayzea y Cruz♥
Why do I feel like I have to throw up EVERYDAY!?
I am diabetic ( i have heard that may have something to do with it, but my grandfather is too and goes hours in the morning with out eatting) I wake up around 6:30 and if I do not eat by 7 I get this horrible erge to throw up, and if I do not eat I will throw up. But if I drink water, eat eggs, something like that I still feel like i need to throw up. It is like I was when I was pregnant (but I am not pregnant)

Check your sugar right away when you wake up.
That might give you an answer.

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