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Laura Simpson
Why do I always feel thirsty? Is it diabetes?
I seem to feel thirsty even if I have just drank... Even if I drink a whole pint of water I still feel thirsty.
I don't drink tea, coffee or milkshake.. (nothing that drys my mouth out) I just drink alot of water or weak orange juice.
It's annoying because my muscles tend to ache if I get thirsty or I get tired easy..
Is this a sign of diabetes? I'm starting to worry now :(

Try drinking milk. It's heavy so it'll fill you. it's thick so it'll stay in your throat and on your tongue longer. and it is better for your bones and muscles in the long run. also stay clear of pomagrantate juice or cranberry juices which tend to leave your mouth dry.

No not diabetes.
You are drinking too much water. You are washing out your body's electrolytes which is causing the muscle aches and tiredness.

Hemen Ee
Hi Laura! Is that you in the your profile picture? If it is, then you are too young to have diabetes. The reason you constantly feel thirsty even though you drink tonnes of water is because your body is lack of minerals, especially Calcium which is important for muscles contractions.

In order to retain water in the body, your body must has enough minerals to maintain the Osmosis Balance which regulate the water in the body. Let me guess, are you drinking distilled water or Reversed Osmosis (R.O.) water most of the time? If so, then you must STOP! Not only those water does not contain any minerals, they will dilute or flush out minerals from your body. You should drink mineral water or filtered water from your kitchen tap.

You feel tired easily because there is not enought "batteries" or electric source for your nerve cells to spark up the neuro impuls. The main source of eletrostatic charge in human body is minerals for minerals exist in ionized form in the body which is essential for the production of neuro impulses.

If you want to replenish the lost minerals in your body, try take 2 capsules of Natural Coral Calcium a day and you will feel the different in just a few days! Or you can start to eat more vegetables and fruits for they are great source of natural minerals.

You will be surprised by the result! Good luck!

Marko M
polydypsia or your always thirsty is one of the late signs of DM, this happens in relation to your polyuria or you frequently urinate because your body tries to expell the excess sugar via the kidneys. because of your frequent urination you lose someof your fluids thus leading for the urge of drinking.

Hemen Ee, What are you talking about?
No one is ever too young for diabetes!

In answer to your question, an increase in thirst can be a sign of diabetes.
It is unquenchable 24/7.
If this sounds like you, get checked out by a doctor.
A simple drop of blood from your finger is all that is needed to put your mind at rest.
If it is higher than normal, more tests will need to be done.

Yes those are all signs of diabetes. It could be dehydration though, they say if you drink water and you're still thirsty it means you need more water. But in your case, you said you get tired easily, and your muscles ache. You should go to the doctors asap..Goodluck

james .
main signs of diabeties are stuff like
being thirsty
cramps for dehydration
frequent urination ( more when you drink sugar )

im type 2 and didnt find out until i was dying so your best bet is to go see a doctor...and if you cant afford one (hate saying this) go to your local homeless shelter place and say your homeless and get checked. its worth going because i know a few diabetics that caught theirs early enough to where they dont need insulin...they just dont eat much sugar.
i hope the best for you =)

oh yeah and milk isnt going to help...12g per 8oz
soda is the worst 29-35g per 8oz....drink water or juice with splenda in it...its not expensive. but please get checked

Dr Frank
There are a number of causes for abnormal thirst such as diabetes (mellitus,) diabetes insipidus, hysterical water drinking and certain kidney problems. A couple of quick tests that your GP can perform in house will exclude pathology.

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