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 Should a diabetic who "bottomed out" eat more carbs or more protein to avoid it again?
My sister is diabetic and takes Byetta (not insulin). Last weekend she bottomed out FAST and we had to force her to drink orange juice and eat something. She talked to her doctor since then and ...

 Why do I shake after eating?
After I eat lunch sometimes I start shaking, like I'm shivering but I'm not cold. Sometimes it happens just randomly, but mostly RIGHT after lunch. Does anyone know why? It's not what I...

 if you have pre-diabetes can you train hard everyday in a sport?
i just got a glucose test that said i had 111 after fasting for the blood test which is supposed to be pre-diabetes. will this mean i can't train any longer in sports? or how long would it ...

 fasting glucose level higher than post-prandial level?
my fasting glucose level was 77, and the level 2 hours after taking a glucose drink was 70.

what does that mean - do i have hyperinsulinemia/hypoglycemia/insulin resistance. isn't ...

 Prediabetic or not?
I am a 35 year old female with diagnosed insulin resistance. I currently take 2000mg of Metformin daily. Lately I have been feeling "odd" . I went to the doctor and my glucose level was 197 ...

 Just diagnosed diabetic. What now?
I have so many questions that aren't exactly "normal" enough to just generally search for online.

Mainly it's about food. I love to cook, so I'm trying to figure ...

 How o reduce blood sugar?
Just concern about my health..!!!
Additional Details
How to reduce blood sugar?...

 when you blood sugar is high is that bad or good ?

 Are there any recalls on avandia or adavent made by park davis?
MY MOTHER IS NOW 78. SHE WAS PRESCRIBED AVANDIA AND ADAVENT. It caused her a stroke and park davis is the maker and the drug and food administration never answered the complaint....

 Anyone have diabetic gastropareses?
Can you tell me what your symptoms were, or are?...

 I know i need help?
know with hart that butter is bad but indulge anyway I want to stop but too tasty give support?...

 Ampalaya Ampalaya where is it available?
Ampalaya for diabetes cure?...

 A highsalt diet that restricts protein,phosphorus,and magnesium & increase fluid intake is a treatment for?
1) renal failure
2) struvite uroliths
3) diabetes mellitus
4) ...

 what are the rich sources of carbohydrates in maintaining sugar level?
..can you help me...this is for my thesis...thank you!>...

 i alway's have Nausea?????/?
What can i do about it??? i hate being nauseous!!!...

 what to avoid when you have cholelithiasis?

 Can a person get off medications for seizures?
I may have been misdiagnosed 16 years ago with seizures. Does anyone know if I can get off the meds? I havew started to already with docs approval....

 Thoughts on the Omnipod Insulin pump?
I recently received a demo Omnipod, which i found somewhat bulky, if that could take the place of my current minimed paradigm insulin pump i would be very pleased. I was wondering if anyone with an O...

 i think i have diabetes?? ANSWER PLZZ?
i think i have diabetes. IM ALREADY GOING TO THE DOCTOR so dont say only a doctor can diagnose you.thats really anoyying.anyways.im 14.i weigh 98 pounds.haha i know im fat.im 5 foot 2.in june i ...

 what is the cause of recurent hypoglycemia for the first time in the same day in non diabetic patient?

Kyle Anderson
Why am I going to the bathroom so much?
I'm a 24-year-old male and in February I was diagnosed with prostatitis. I got over it and thought I was fine. In May, I started feeling like I had to go to the bathroom, etc. I went to the doctor and my A1c was 5.1. Obvioulsy not diabetic. Now, I'm going to the bathroom all the time. Sometimes it's twice an hour and it always feels like I have to go even when I don't. I'm not anymore thirsty than I was before, I'm just going to the bathroom a lot. Usually the urine is pale yellow. Oddly enough, I don't usually have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate though. I don't think my A1c would change that much for May to August that now I could be diabetic could it? Or do you think may it's a urinary problem? I have an appointment with a urologist on August 24, but that is a long time away for me to be thinking about this. What could be wrong?

U should try going to a different doctor if you are concerned just be on the safe side

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