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 I show hypoglycemic symptoms when I don't have low blood sugar. What can I do?
When my blood sugar is below 110 or around 110, I start to sweat, I feel my heart pounding, I sometimes feel dizzy or hear like a buzzing in my ears. If I get below 90, I tend to get irritable or ...

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 Why should I be checked for Diabetes?
I asked a question in women's health a while ago. I said that I am always thirsty, and I even wake up thirsty (usually after having a dream that I am somewhere and can't find water). And ...

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 Going for blood test, information please? :)?
i went to my doctors about being really fat. Im going for a blood test tomorrow. Im really fat. What will the results show, will drinking lots of water affect my results? and any additional info ...

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 Are Cheerios a good breakfast cereal for diabetics?
Any other suggestions?...

 can sugar........ (please read)?
okay so one day i had 4 cokes, 2 packs of sour skittles. a hershey's bar, and some fruit loops, that night was blowing chucks everywhere, now its 3 months later and i have diabetes, is that from ...

 Do you think it's harder to lose weight when you are taking insulin??
I, myself, take insulin, and I know insulin causes weight gain. I have been able to keep weight off by following a strict diet, but I've heard other diabetics say that it's really hard to ...

 what does eating too much sugar do to me?

 Can diabetes lead to cataract and can an early stage of cataract be treated naturally with diet & supplements?

 Just medical and professional help!!!?
Few weeksa ago we discovered that my brother has diabet. He is 10 years old and today's resultates shown that his pancreas still producinh little amount of insulin but not enought. What can we ...

 Type 2 Diabetes Problem?
Hi, I have been diabetic for less than a year now so still trying to get to grips with the condition. I was advised that a good level for my blood glucose readings is somewhere between 4 & 7 ...

 Do I have diabetes????
Okay, yes I know I need to go to the doctor. You don't have to tell me. I have an appointment, I just wanted some information before I go. I have a lot of symptoms of diabetes. I am very tired ...

 if you are considered a borderline diabetic is that just like saying you basically are one or no? i have been ?
told that there is no borderline you are or your ...

 What can I do to make my blood suger go down?
Hi, I am 7 Months pregnant. I have been getting high blood sugar. Is their anything that I can take to lower it?...

i got tested for diabetes like 6-7 months ago and they said it was normal can i get diabetes in those 6 months. someone told me you can't....

 My Hubby just found out he is Diabetic??
My Hubby just found out he is diabetic..I am not the best cook in the world.(I like easy to make meals) I come from a Southern and Cajun family So I know how to cook cajun and southern staples at ...

 can you make yourself get diabetes or hypoglycemia ?
I don't want it I just want to ...

Where in your stomach do you get a pain if you have diabetes?
is in near the pancreas or down low or where?

Miz Lamb
diabetes does NOT cause pain!! Pancreatitis does and that can lead to diabetes if it damages the pancreas sufficiently.

diabetes is usually spotted by fatigue and dizziness, and will definitely be discovered if one were to go into diabetic shock. You don't feel pain, there isn't any factor of diabetes that could hurt you.

Stomach pain actually is a symptom of diabetes, or diabetic ketoacidosis to be 100% :P They're not really sure why but some people get it. The abdomen can be pretty tender, not necessarily in once place just tender in general.

Hope I helped :D

stomach pain is not a symptom of diabetes

Nowhere. Stomach pain isn't a symptom of diabetes.

I did not know the condition created pain in the stomach area. Try search for diabetes there you will find a lot of information.
If you are experiencing pain in your stomach then I suggest a chat with the doc. You may have already done this and if your not satisfied ask for a second opinion. Stay healthy.

Dr Frank
Er stomach pain is not a symptom of diabetes.

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