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It What I H...

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 I am colorblind and I want to know why I can't see a red Laser Pointer on a White Board...?
I am a protanope, so I see red as very dark (probably like you see brown), and I can only tell red, orange, and yellow apart due to the brightness of them, not the hue.

Apart from annoying ...

 Monthly Contact lenses?
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 What happens if you wear contacts past 2 weeks?

Additional Details
(Acuvue Advance)...

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 How can I tell my parents I need an eye test?
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 can you swim with contacts in?
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oh and i have the accuvue ...

answering machine
How to make myself have " pink eye"?
Why do I want pink eyes? Well, if I get pink eye, I won't have to go to the swimming pool or wipe the dust ( my chore for 2day). So, I would like something that would make me have pink eye for about two days, something that could be treated with the pink eye medicine ( I have it), not something too serious because I would like to skip swimming today and tomorrow, wiping the dust but I would like to healthy on monday so that I could go to school and to a restaurant on my dad's birthday. Any solutions?

eww dont you know what pink eye is from?
its fetus getting into your eye...
like you wiped
got some on your hand..
then didnt wash your hands and touched your eye
thats gross
please dont do it
just say you have cramps that hurt really bad
and you dont want to swim or whateer

poke your eye...pink eyes is a.k.a sore eyes

rub your eye forever but it's only temporary

have someone fart in your eye

it's nasty put it works

I don't know if anyone ever told you....
but you only get 2 eyes in your lifetime. TWO. And if you lose one, even a little, you lose it FOREVER. Do you really want to risk hurting your vision to skip swimming? And wiping a little bit of dust?
That being said, you could try putting salt water in your eye. My eyes usually get red after a day at the beach.
Of course, that could be the sun burning my retinas. Maybe try that.

Val erie
I don't think you can make yourself have pink eye unless you get someone infectious to pass it on to you.

You cant be serious. You do not want to get pink eye. But seems your that messed up to get out of a little swim in the pool, rub some dog poo in your eye. Yeah how fun.

Hope you enjoy pink eye you stupid kid. By the way, pink eye will last more then 1 week!

Sorry to hear about your problems but I have had pink eye twice. The first time I had medicine and it took 3 days to clear up and I was completely miserable and felt ugly and disgusting. The second time I had no medicine and it took 2 weeks to clear up.

Fact is if you've had pink-eye(conjunctivitis) before you know that it is totally misery for a few days to a few weeks. Pick a different illness if you must. Pink eye is terrible.

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