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 does insulin make you sleepy?
does taking one shot of insulin cause sleepiness?
Additional Details
I'm not a diabetic, but I'm not taking any.
My aunt and uncle are and I was just curious....

 Can people with type 1 Diabetes drink alcohol?
A few of my friends are diabetic, and I know you have to take insulin for your carb intake, however alcohol doesn't have nutrition facts how much insulin do they take? or they simply can not ...

 What does it mean when they say you have Sugar?
A co worker of mine had to be rusehd to the hospital the other day. and they said that he has sugar and that he might have to take needles for the rest of his life what excatly is sugar???...

 Can a hit to the kidney area in the back cause Diabetic nephropathy to accelerate?

Additional Details
I should add that the person is diabetic and diabetic nephropathy is already a suspicion. Could a hit in the back cause this condition to accelerate?...

 I was told I am diabetic, but the doctor won't give me a straight answer, what to I do? I am very confused.?
Ok this a long one so bear with me. Less than 2 months ago I went in to the doctor for a physical. Nothing was wrong, I am just turning 30 this year so i figured it would be good. I am a very health ...

 diabetics & tatoos, what are the risks?

 How do i know if i have diabetes? i've been really thirsty lately and never feel full. But i do not feel like
like i want to eat that much all at once. i've also gained 20 pounds in the past 3 months. do i have a disease or condition? also, how do you test for diabetes?...

 Could this still be diabetes anyways?
Here is what I have been expeincing on and off (usually on) for the past few months...
1. Frequent urination
2. Increased thirst
3. On/ off fevers/headaches
4. Dizziness
5. C...

 What happens to diabetic people if they drink to much?
Just would like to know if its dangerous and if diabetic ppl get drunk faster?...

 What happens if you eat before fasting glucose test?
Just had a glucose blood test done but didn't know you had to fast! So I had a cereal breakfast (weetabix & porridge) & fresh orange juice about 3 hours before the test and several ...

 I'm worried that i might have diabetes?
Just a few weeks ago I've been getting diarrhea. i poop once a day and its always diarrhea. Also I got a toe infection and i took presribed medication which helped but i ran out of it and now ...

 test blood sugar at home if no health care?
Is there an over the counter blood sugar test taking device that I can buy at the drug store? I have no health care cause I have little money. But, i have noticed I get very anxious after exercise, ...

 im drinking to much water is that a sign of being diabetic?
my grandmother is diabetic and she drinks more then enough water . i do the same. im scared! my next blood test is april but i want to know from someone.. thank you darling ;)...

 what's the difference between type 1 & 2 diabetes?

 Should I really have my doctor check me for diabetes?
I’ve had some strange things happening to me, but I figured I was just stressed out (my grandmother has breast cancer). However, I was talking to someone about how I’ve been feeling and they ...

 Diabetic without even knowing?
I don't think my body can take much longer.

Recently, I have been having pains going in and out threw out my body (constantly my heart) and I have been feeling really achey lately. I ...

 how can i help my mother who is in denial of her diabetes?
she is only 48 and she is thin ans otherwise healthy after all testing she still refuses t believe.....

 For those who had diabetes....?
I would like to know a bit more about the symptoms. Everything I read seems so vague. Right now I am trying to decide if I have something like type 1 or 2. Neither of my parents have it, but I ...

 blood sugar level is 44....on a home test?
i always had low sugar and know i do.but thought i was over it.i have a home test thing.i was wondering if it could be wrong.does anyone have one and how good are they?
Additional Details<...

 Just a few quick questions to better educate myself on diabetes?
1) What is the normal blood sugar range for someone who has diabetes? And someone wtih out?

2) What is the average age of diagnosis for type 1 diabetes?

3) Can someone be ...

When should I worry about being a diabetic?
I have been testing my my blood for the past week and my sugar levels are between 125 to 155. I test it before I eat in the morning and before I eat dinner. Should I be worried?

JustPeachy !!!
Yes, your numbers are probably too high. I heard that anything over 125 before you eat anything in the morning is Too High.

David L
yes you should. Those numbers are too high. If you are on any kind of diabetic medication, you should make sure that you eat breakfast and take your meds as prescribed.
The 125 isn't horribly high, but the 155 should concern you. You could try altering your diet to a low fat, low carb and sugar free diet and also get into a daily exercise regime. It doesn't have to be strenuous, even walking 30 minutes a day will be very good for you.
Diabetes can affect so much of your body. It can affect your heart, your kidneys, your liver. Not to mention the possibility of an early death due to complications. However, that is an extreme.
Take care of your body.. its the only one you have. Watch your diet, get some exercise, and take your meds. And keep checking your blood. Also, the next time you have blood work done, specifically an A1C test, try to keep it below 7.

Your numbers are a bit high. You should watch your carbs and see a doctor now so he can help you with a program.

Before you worry about becoming diabetic, look at your diet. Is there anything that you can change. For example, do you eat bread with yout meals? Do you eat rice or potatoes? Do you drink fruit juice. Remove those and other forms of sugar from your diet. You can get plenty of carbohydrates from meats and low carb vegetables but they will be low enough that your pancreas can work without stalling.Give your pancreas a tune-up by removing the gunk of carby junk.If this "tune-up" improves when you test, I would present this info to your doctor.

I've just been diagnosed. Doctor says that my goals should be this. In the morning before i eat it should be from 80 to 100. after i eat dinner it shouldnt be more than 135.

I wouldn't worry too much about those numbers you should have your doctor to check your blood gluclose. Also The more you worry about it the more stress you'll put on yourself.

I am diabetic and my doctor wants my numbers around 70-80. I guess you should consider cutting out carbs, and maybe go th the doc and have a hemoglobyn A1C done. It gives you a three month blood glucose average.....

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