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 diabetes? low blood sugar? help!?
i am a 23 yr old, recently (since about jan. this year) i have started to feel funny around about 11-12 in the afternoons and 4-6ish in the evening. the times really vary but i more so notice the ...

 Do you think i may have diabetes?
I have these symptoms and i am a healthy teenage girl

Peeing alot
Drinking alot
Eating alot
Tingling in hands and feet
Stomach aches
Feeling tierd<...

 I am diabetic person so I can do for cure?

 What should I do to increase my energy level?
I am a full time mom ,and I also go to school.I am busy all day long nd then I work on my text at nights.I don't get more than 4 or three hours sleep per night.I am also diabetic.I feel tierd ...

 Is a fever a symptom of diabetes?
I was just diagnosed with diabetes last week and this weekend I keep getting a fever. Sat 5pm, Sun 5am and 3pm - taking Tylenol makes it go away but it just keeps coming back. I have no other ...

 Are their any sweets a diabetic can eat?
My fiance more than likely has diabetes, he had his sugar checked yesterday and it was 346. He is going this morning to test again for better results after fasting. I don't think he has had it ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
I'm 14. 115 pounds. My blood sugar is 215. I'm shaking. Do I go or not? Or wait an hour and re-check it?...

 Should I get checked for diabetes?
some signs of diabetes are:
* frequent urination
* excessive thirst and hunger
* weight loss
* dehydration
* recurrent infections
* sores and ...

 Does a fasting glucose level of 189 mean I have diabetes?
I am overweight. I have noticed a tingling in my toes and fingers when I eat a lot of sugar. If I exercise, I don't feel it. However, I have not had any of the other symptoms (excessive ...

 my father has been diagonised with diabetes.kindly suggest...?
His fasting sugar is 246 and after lunch shows 151...he is adviced to start with insulin injections.Please advice whether insulin injections will give him positive results or should he go to another ...

 HELP i have to get blood drawn and im only 14.?
Ok so i went to the doctors today to get my physical. they didn't really do anything. after the whole check up thing, my doctor asked my dad why there was a check by cholesterol. he said that he ...

 What are signs of diabetes?

 I think I have diabetes all of a sudden my left foot has no feeling.I can feel me pokeing it..can anyone help!?
one day it just happend my left foot is not functioning properly.I want to know if this is a diabete symptom......

 If a diabetic eats sugar and does not take insulin, what happens?
I mean, if a diabetic drank a pop or something without taking any insulin shots, would anything bad happen, or would the sugar just pass through their system with really no affect on them.


 About once every couple of months I get shaky, sweaty and I crave sweets. Is it a sign of diabetes?

 If some body Diabetic can he drive a car?????

 low blood sugar?? what to do?
Hello everyone.
My Mother and I were wondering if I could have have hypoglycemia.
im 15 years old and for the past year ive been getting possible episodes of hypoglycemia. my symptoms ...

 How useful is urine in diagnosing diabetes?
I got a urine test recently to see why I've been peeing so damn much lately. It came up with nothing. I asked him if it could possible be diabetes and he said that from my urine, it was very ...

 Do I have a big chance of getting cancer and diabetes if many family members had it?

Additional Details
My grandma has diebetes... o.o

And my grandpa had cancer......

 I am a diabetic patient..Is it safe to eat pear?

What will happen if you have diabetes but don't get treated?
Ok, well I'm a little scared that I might have it but my parents won't take me to the doctor. I've read the symptoms and I have pretty much all of them besides going to the bathroom a lot.
I've showed my mom the symptoms of diabetes on WebMD and explained to her that I do have pretty much all of them.
They still refuse to take me to the doctor to get tested.
What happens if you have it but you don't get treated?
Additional Details
Ok the first answer scares me a little bit.. I kinda already asked this but I'll include it again.
The symptoms I have are
Lost 10lbs without trying
I'm always hungery but I can't put weight on
I have really bad mood swings
I have bad headaches
I get light headed easily
I'm always pretty tired
I have trouble sleeping good

Is there a good chance that I have diabetes?

I would probably go to the school nurse, explain your problem and why you think you have a problem. Untreated diabetes is no joke but the results vary according to the seriousness of the sugar problem. Some don't need medication but has to be checked occasionally to make sure that you're ok. and some diet restrictions. Others have serious dietary restrictions, medication and insulin shots.

I saw you addition, most places have a county health nurse. Look in the phone book in the front under county offfices, usually there will be something under health department.

I checked your other questions and wanted to tell you that my Mom had your exact same problem with size, weirdly she went down from a D to B after she had kids. Also that operation is extremely painful according to my best friend that had it done. It took her 6 months to recover and said the results were uneven and unattractive.
So maybe wait for a while you might grow into them, they may decrease or surgery options may improve.

Good luck!

peggy m
Extreme Thirst
Frequent Urination
Without those 2 symptoms.... I do not think you are diabetic.

Depression/stress has the symptoms you list and that condition should be checked out by your doctor anyway.

Blindness , leg amputation.heart attack,- impotence - this is not something to ignore

Michael B
Maybe something worser than that.

please et tested NOW!! read my blog and find out what could happen to you... Neuropathy thats what



Well ... I'm no doctor, but I would guess that it's not diabetes.

Some symptoms you will always get with diabetes, and some you may or may not. And different symptoms will come at different times depending on the severity of your diabetes and how high your sugar level is. The things that seem to be consistent are: Weight loss, excessive urination, excessive thirst. All diabetics will pee a lot, it's how your body rids itself of what's doing it damage (sugar, ketones). And when you pee so much you get dehydrated, and so you get terribly thirsty. And weight loss is consistent because if your body isn't processing the sugar, then your body can't use it and it comes out in your urine. So that's how you lose weight.

But your symptoms still sound like something serious. Another responder advised you to talk to your school nurse, I think that's a good idea.

Take care, and good luck!


Homeschooled, huh ... well, can you get to your local health department? You know, if it's important to you to rule out diabetes it's a simple test. Any person with a glucose meter can test you. And the health department should have one handy. Maybe you could call them and find out?

I am an RN and diabetic myself. Untreated diabetes can lead to DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) which can quickly deteriorate to diabetic coma and death.

I am not telling you this to frighten you but you must see a doctor. If your parents won't take you, get yourself to an ER or walk in clinic. You are 15 years old and not a child. Be proacative.

diabetes is something that has to be treated. you cannot let this go. talk to a relative or neighbor so they can talk to your parents and explain why it's important to get treated but don't let up on the matter,

The symptoms you listed are not classic diabetes symptoms. You made your parents out to be kind of horrible people, but it's probably as simple as they know it's not diabetes.

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