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What is a good home remedy to bring blood sugar down fast?
My Husband is a diabetic... We usually check his sugar first thing in the morning.. This morning I was really concerned because it was up over 300.. He is on daily medication.. Please help!!!!!!!!

Cinnamon: Fights Diabetes
HOW IT WORKS: People with type-2 diabetes have difficulty processing insulin, the hormone that tells cells to remove excess sugar from the bloodstream. But studies show that cinnamon contains a substance that can help cells respond to insulin. The result? A reduction of blood sugar levels by an average of 18 percent to 29 percent, according to a recent Pakistani study. TRY TO GET: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon (or one stick) a day.

Ms. T
There are many things that can be done to help control blood sugar levels like regular exercise, understanding how foods will affect you, medication, and natural supplements to help fill in the nutritional gaps.

Regular exercise helps in many ways some are that it improves your body's insulin use and burns excess fat and calories which will help to improve insulin sensitivity in your body.

There are many things you should know about how foods will affect your blood sugar levels many know about carbohydrates, but don't understand the effects of coffee, fruits and vegetables, and proteins. It's important that you learn about these and many others.

Some doctors believe that diabetes is a nutritional deficiency disease so if you are not getting what your body needs from foods that you eat than perhaps looking into natural supplements will fill in the gaps.

Cinnamon, alpha lipoic acid, and b-complex are a few of them that will help control blood sugar levels. There are many others that also have benefits for diabetics.

Here are some webpages that will give you more information to help you learn about diabetes and all of your options.

Good luck to you.

Did you recheck it? Is your husband feeling unwell? Extremely thirsty; extremely hungry; passes a lot of urine? Diabetes, two hundred years ago without the discovery of insulin, was a fatal disease where people rarely lasted for more than a few months. So I doubt there are any home remedies, at least in Western cultures, that could help.
Edit: Apparently there is. Looks like there's been research on alternatives :)

If your husband is a diabetic and his sugar can go up in the three hundreds he should be on insulin/ medication! Drink lots of water to help flush the excessive amounts of sugar out.
I would tell you to exercise as well but that isn't the answer all the time as it can sometimes raise the sugar in certain people.
Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent. Type 2's can control their sugar with pills, diet and exercise. You should be inquiring this info with a Endocrinologist/Physician!

Assuming he's a Type 2, his body will eventually produce enough insulin over the next couple of hours to bring him down a bit. It's dangerous to exercise if his BG is over 300. Once it drops below 300, have him do about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise like dancing or jog-walking. Weights won't do it...he needs to get his heart beating. Check his BG again after 30 minutes and see if it's coming down. He might need to change his oral meds, or he might need insulin. The body needs what it needs.

The answers that recommend cinnamon or chamomile tea are doing a great disservice to someone with a morning blood sugar reading over 300. That is dangerously high and is way beyond being brought under control by simple home remedies. Your husband needs an immediate adjustment to his diabetes medicine. If he's on insulin, he probably needs to increase his dosage. If he's not on insulin, he should seriously consider starting.

Naturally, anything as serious as changing dosages or prescriptions can't be done without consulting with your husband's doctor. He should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

You can't do this at home, he needs to go to the doctor!

While there is some evidence to show that cinnamon, garlic and chromium supplements *may* help control blood sugars, it's not a quick fix, and will only help as part of a very carefully controlled healthy diet.

Obviously he either needs his medication changing or his dose. He also needs to look closely at his diet and daily routine to stop this from happening in the future. But he also may need to start injecting insulin. Many people with type 2 eventually have to move on to insulin.

Do not exercise with a high blood sugar. It will raise the blood sugar. The cells need more glucose during exercise, but if there's not enough insulin present, the glucose cannot enter the cells. So the body notices the cells still need sugar, and releases glucose from the liver. But all this sugar still can't get into the cells, so it just hangs around in the blood and makes you ill.

You really need to get your husband to his specialist and his dietician, who he should be seeing regularly anyway. It'll be a lot safer than advice from strangers on the net. Good luck!

p.s. There's no evidence that B-complex vitamins control blood sugars. Researchers have noticed that people with diabetic complications tend to have lower blood levels of vitamin B, but no causal link has been established. I take tons of B vits and it hasn't helped my blood sugars a bit. Please don't be taken in by people offering "natural" remedies that will "cure" diabetes. They are charlatans masquerading as scientists (e.g. Gillian McKeith and her pretend phd) and are only after your money. See a real doctor.

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