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 Type 1 diabetes is NOT...?
Type 1 diabetes is NOT

A. treated with insulin injections.
B. preventable.
C. treated with diet and exercise.
D. monitored with daily blood glucose tests.

Which ...

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Warren J
What happens when a diabetic stop taking insulin?
I have been diabetic for almost 15 years. Presently I do not have insurance and can not afford the two types of insulin that I require. What will happen as I have not had any insulin in about two months. Are there alternatives to taking insulin - like nature cures, teas, etc.

Doctor Happy
Your blood sugar will go up. Depending on how bad your diabetes is that could lead to some serious health problems.

I find that chromium helps me a LOT! There are several other herbs, fruits, and minerals, too. Like cinnamon, vanadium, and sylvestre gen...

If you are a type 1 and you didn't get any insulin at all, you'd be dead in a week, let alone two months.

If you're a type 2, then you are a complete idiot.
You will die.

If there was any 'nature' cures, don't you think people would prefer them to injections?

There are ALWAYS options. Phone round the companies, charities, churches etc.

Otherwise, you will die.

If you have Type 1 diabetes, you definitely need health insurance! I don't care what anyone else says, or what you say---everyone needs health insurance! I have Type 1 diabetes and have great health insurance. Some say it's too expensive but consider the alternative. You may have to pay a monthly premium (whatever it may be), but consider this...what if your hospital stay is $50,000 and you don't have insurance? You have to pay $50,000! If you have insurance, you have to pay your premium, meet your deductible (mine is like $400) and then the insurance starts paying from there. What would you rather have...$400 or $50,000? Also...you NEED TO BE ON INSULIN. It's vital to a Type 1 diabetic as your pancreas doesn't work. Thus, if there's no insulin with a dead pancreas, you are in for it. You will have extremely high blood glucose levels, extremely high hemoglobin A1C levels, the possibility of going blind, losing limbs, liver damage, kidney damage, etc. are too high.

So to sum this all up, you need insurance. If you think it's expensive now, wait until you lose a limb, your eyesight, are hospitalized, or DEAD. Please get insurance!

Call your doctor and tell them. I have gone without insurance for months at a time, and my doctor was able to supply me with insulin that they get as samples and if he didn't have any, he told me who I could contact to get it.

its impossible that your still alive if your type 1. if I miss just 1 or 2 injections I start to go downhill very rapidly. surely wherever you live you should get your medication as it is life threatening if you dont. get to the hospital asap.

Lynn Bodoni
Insulin IS the alternative treatment for diabetes. Used to be, people died shortly after being diagnosed. You're going to die shortly too, if you don't start taking your insulin.

Go to a clinic, go on Medicare/Medicaid, do whatever it takes to get your insulin.

By not taking any insulin then you are walking around with uncontrolled blood sugar levels so you are increasing your chances of developing one or all of the following
damage to the eyes leading to blindness
damage to nerve cells leading to extreme pain
damage to liver, kidneys, heart and brain
Damage to blood vessels and poor circulation which can cause small cuts not to heal/blisters or ulcers to develop problems with legs requiring amputation
If your sugars go to high you will go into a coma and possibly die
NO there are not any alternatives to insulin, either find a way to get it or find out if there is a cheaper alternative insulin you can use or maybe a scheme to help you get the medication you need is available just get some insulin soon

your actually saying you havnt had insulin in two months!
i suppose if you keep your blood sugars down......
by exercise and alcohol. yeah, alternatively you can keep testing your blood sugars allllll day, say 5 times a day. every time its high do exercise, or have a drink of red wine, i hear thats the best type of alcohol for diabetes, and nobody can deny that because its been confirmed by both my diabetic nurse and my doctor.

You need to get some insulin into your body soon. Otherwise you will start getting very, very ill and you wont be able to carry out everyday tasks. Im surprised you not in such a bad way already that your begging for insulin!
Surely a doctor/nurse can help you out of your situation.
So go find them quick!

There is no alternative for insulin. Without insulin your blood sugars will sky rocket and you will become very dehydrated which can lead to coma and death. You must be a type 2 if you are still alive to post this question I know I'd be dead long before 2 months with no insulin. Reach out to your doctors and the medical community and see if help is available to get that insulin. Best of Luck.

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