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Sabina B
What happens if a diabetic doesn't receive insulin?
please explain it in scientific term...i need the answer asap

When a diabetic does not receive insulin as needed then that person can go into a coma. There is the possibility of death.

their blood sugar can go sky high and cause them to have vision problems, nerve damage, organs can shut down or they can go into a coma

I can't really give a scientific answer per se. My father has diabetes. He refused to keep up with his insulin over the course of an entire year. At this very moment he is blind. Diabetes if not taken care of can lead to blindness. Do not fail to take your insulin. Trust me. I hear so many, If only's. It is bad to lose one's sight.

One of insulin's functions is to increase glucose receptor expression on a cell surface. The receptor takes glucose up and in to the cell where it is used for energy production. In the abscence of insulin there is little to no receptors on the cell surface and no glucose gets in. The cell then resorts to running off other less efficient forms of energy production, ie ketosis. These secondary systems can't keep up with the cell's needs AND produce toxic byproducts, ie ketones. Without a proper energy source the cells start to die. The ketosis pushes the body's acid base systems out of balance leading to metabolic acidosis and eventually coma/death.

Type I diabetics don't make insulin. Without their injection their body has no insulin. They will die without it.

Type II diabetics make and use insulin very poorly. They have a reserve to hold on longer then Type I, but will eventually go the same way.

not going to do your homework for you, however I will give you a link where you can look and read it for yourself.

(sorry former teaching assistant and I am more than happy to give you a link to help you find your answer but won't give you the answer straight out)

It a type 1 diabetic doesn't take insulin they gradually develop a state called diabetic ketoacidosis, or, DKA for short.

The insulin's job is to transport glucose from the blood into the cells that need energy. Without insulin, the glucose builds up in the blood and never makes it into the cells.

Therefore, the body needs to find alternative sources of energy. The first place it looks is fat and muscle. Your body starts breaking down fat and muscle tissue to use it for energy. A by-product of this process is ketones. Ketones are okay in small amounts, but in large amounts they dramatically lower your body's pH...resulting in acidosis. Since your body has a limited range of pH it can operate in, this process leads to death.

Mean while, all that glucose accumulates in the blood stream. Your glucose goes high because your body has no insulin to use the glucose, but also because glucagon is made continuously. All of this glucose goes through your microvascular network, killing off your retina, kidnies, and damaging your heart and circulation.

Moral of the story...insulin is good stuff.

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