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 what physician treats diabetics?

 Can Muscular fasciculations be caused by having high glucose in a diabetic person?
my boy is 13 years old, his reading were coming high and trembling were coming out of nowhere so his doctor advised to have metformin removed, , so his glucose readings were even harder to control, ...

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the problem isnt getting the blood, i cant think of a way to make it neat, ive seen special pens and everything, but is there a simple way with using stuff from home?
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i have nearly every symptom of diabetes the thirst, the hunger, the excessive urinating, and the fatigue especially, also the dizzy, disoriented confused feeling.

the one thing i dont have ...

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also have cirrhosis and fatty liver
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thanks for your ...

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I probably don't have it but I read the symptoms on this website
and I always get tired quickly and sometimes I look ...

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alcohol sugar is not same as regular sugar, plus i heard it doesn't affect tooth decay, is that true?...

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 fasting glucose level higher than post-prandial level?
my fasting glucose level was 77, and the level 2 hours after taking a glucose drink was 70.

what does that mean - do i have hyperinsulinemia/hypoglycemia/insulin resistance. isn't ...

 Prediabetic or not?
I am a 35 year old female with diagnosed insulin resistance. I currently take 2000mg of Metformin daily. Lately I have been feeling "odd" . I went to the doctor and my glucose level was 197 ...

 Just diagnosed diabetic. What now?
I have so many questions that aren't exactly "normal" enough to just generally search for online.

Mainly it's about food. I love to cook, so I'm trying to figure ...

Dont Watch me just Watch TV
What happens if a cats diabetes isnt treated by insulin?
my cat just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and they told us to give him insulin and also gave us special DM food for the cat. we havent actually gotta any insulin yet and my mom is debating whether we shud hold off on the insulin, but we do have the food and plan on incorporating it into his diet. Now my question is what happens if we dont give him any insulin, is it like letting the cat rot? I figured if were gunna give up hope on getting him well we might as well put him down rather then let him suffer thru untreated diabetes and the problems that come from it

Claira W
If the vet said to give him Insulin, you should, vet knows best. If you choose not to though, it is a possibility that he/she can get very sick, i have diabetes (type 1) and if i forget to take my insulin, i get very sick, and very weak.

If he is on the right food, that is better than nothing, normally type 2 diabetes (in humans) can be treated with diet and exercise, but, in some cases insulin is needed, and it is very important. If he starts to get sick, get 'em insulin right away
Hope i helped some!

First of all, you need to administer insulin if your cat has increased blood sugar.

Second, you can regulate the blood sugar with proper diet.

Third, DM is not a good diet. It's actually quite low quality and still to high in carbohydrate for your cat. The cat has zero need for carbs in his diet. If you eliminate the carbs, odds are his blood sugar may decrease and you may not need insulin. But it would require a change of the diet for better, moist, meat based food, and home blood testing.

If you leave your cat on DM food with no insulin, it would probably still collect sugar from the DM and build it up until it goes into hyperglycemia, or goes blind, or just dies. On the other hand if you give too much insulin at the same time that you lower the carbs in the diet, your cat will go into hypoglycemia and could die without extra dose of glucose.

So first step would be to take him off the food with carbohydrate. Go for wet only diet (dry causes kidney disease, UTI, crystals and blockage, due to low income of water. Especially dangerous for male cats!). The wet needs to be greain free, no rice, no carbs. Wellness Core is an excellent food and some others are EVO, Merrick, Nature's Variety, Blue Buffalo Wilderness and more.

Once he's been on this food for a couple of weeks, test his blood sugar again to see if it decreased. It probably did. At that time, find the best dose of insulin with your vet (if still needed) and continue home testing to make sure you will not overdose. Always administer insulin after food.

Here is a great website about diabetes in cats that goes in more depth on what I just said, try reading it and decide for yourself if it doesn't make more sense than what the vet suggested. http://www.catinfo.org/?link=felinediabetes

Good luck!

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