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What foods can get your blood suger back up?
Well I have low blood sugar (diagnosed) when I was in 3rd grade anyways I think my blood Sugar goes down because of more stress than what I eat anyways I have track practices after school until 5:00 or 5:30 any ways usually if I don't have a snack I usually get like I black out and my vision is blurred by dark spots and I get kind of dizzy and everything anyways this only happened during track practice but now I know that because I went into hypoglycemic shock which is when like you eat something like a chocolate bar to get your blood Sugar back up but actually it makes you blood Sugar jump up and down and it very dangerous anyways today I drank some o.j. Before practice are there any other things I can eat or drink to get it back up please and thank you
Additional Details
Nn how much fruit juice or nuts do I need? To last an hour an hour and a half of intense conditioning

Zane R
jelly beans, straight cordial
anything really

Nina × ×™× ×”
Don't worry, we know what hypoglycemia is.

As for what you should eat: some initial suggestions include
-skim milk (not always the most reliable source)
-glucose tablets (you can buy them at the pharmacy)

After your blood sugar rises up to a healthy level, you should eat something with a good amount of fat and protein in it. This helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and prevent spikes or drops. Some snacks include

For diabetics, it is recommended to consume 15 carbohydrates initially (15 carbs, that is, of fruit or soda or whatever you're having first) and then after your blood sugar rises, have 15 carbs of something with fat and protein. These carefully set amounts of carbs are designed for diabetics so your blood sugar goes up -- but not too high. However, since you don't have to worry about high blood sugar like us, you can probably have a little more if you want. But NOT less.

Also, when you're waiting for your blood sugar to go up, don't exercise (continue with track practice, etc.) until your blood sugar is up. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

I like orange juice as it is fast. I used to manage health food stores and people ate lots of nuts and other protein to hold the hypoglycemia. they snacked on protein constantly., When you exercise you need more, a protein shake if you cannot eat food. Make sure it is not a sugary one, mainly protein. Peanut butter on whole wheat bread is a complete protein. It is not on white bread. You should also eat several very small meals a day. If you eat one big one it will make your insulin shoot in more. You must have a doctor who understand s this for it is very difficult.

Orange Juice and anything that has -Total Carb:15g- because you want to take care of your body too.

Rachel H
I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was a child, too. I haven't felt any affects for years, though, because I learned to "graze" during the day, rather than only eating 3 meals a day. Try eating 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day. High protein is important (but not protein bars, because MOST of those are usually packed with more carbs and sugars despite the protein claim. Read labels first). Meats, eggs, nuts, and seeds are all excellent sources of protein. Stay away from sugar and candy, or you will end up feeling your blood sugar go down over time, and diabetes is the last thing you want to lead your body into. If you do have a low blood sugar episode, drink a glass of juice to quickly boost your blood sugar, and then follow it with some protein (even a few pieces of lunch meat will even it out). Chromium pills also help to even out your sugar levels if you come into an episode. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and making wise, healthy choices for meals and snacks make all the difference in the world.

I'm diabetic (I have type 1) so I'm not entirely if my situation is the same. Anyway, icing is good, and thre is a kind sold that you apply directly to your gums for quick absorption. High glycemic index foods are better for sudden drops in blood sugar, but eating a low glycemic food should help keep you blood glucose level more even during practice. Maybe you could see a nutritionist so that he or she can help you pick out foods that will help you prevent the blackouts you're having. I hope this helps!

You can drink apple juice or other fruit juices that makes your blood sugar go up,but don't drink too much juice.

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