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 what is the best medication for this?
i think i am delusional i think people are talking and wispering things about am and i think sometimes that people can here my thoughts or i am talking out loud and dont no it i am paranoied i think ...

 Question about thrush and exercise?
Okay so we just borrowed a friends exercise bike but i tend to have a problem getting thrush easily. (Ive seen the doctor about it but they don't seem to think there's anything wrong with ...

 what is the least expensive medicare supplement carrier in California?

 Where can I find a trusted Glycemic Index Chart?

 can mental illness be related to diabetes type 1?
i've heard about it being related to type 2 but what about type 1
i read somewhere that it could also be link to schizophrenia


 Diabetes Insipidus in dog? Any other treatment that works? NEED HELP!!?
I have a younger male Husky dog. For the past year he has been excessively drinking water and urinating anywhere he can. I have taken him to vet many times and has had all the tests possible to find ...

 sometimes i crave sweet foods & get shakey without it, is it type one diabeties? tested for type 1 & all good?

Additional Details
oh also i have gained a lot of ...

 Type 2 diabetes: is honey good for them?
Honey. ive read and thought i did my research on this but apparently i was told the internet lies. lol. i read that honey is good for diabetics it helps to even out their blood sugar. is this true? ...

 Gestational diabetes at 30 weeks?
OK I need a little help/ advice- I just left the doctors office and she told me i failed my glucose test and now i have to go back for the 3 hour test. I also had an ultrasound today and our little ...

 Is there any other way to prove that a person is type-1 diabetic.?
Blood sugars are in control. How can we prove that the perosn is Type-1.
She is not accepting that she is Type-1. Is there any test for that or Doctor can tell us with his tests....

 is blood manor really all that scary?
i wanna take my friends there 4 b-day. but idk if its worth it?...

 what happen if p56 lck level is increased ?

 what would the best reason for random passing out /blacking out be?
Sometimes i will randomly just start blacking out little by little, until i usually end up blacking out completely falling and usually hitting my head. Why is this happening, and what can i do to ...

 I am diabetic and having 272 sugar after 1.5 hour after food?
My question is :

I am on medication . I am still feeling that i am not well and i need to still improve my health. I am following all what my doctor said , can i improve my health by ...

 is sore throats a symptom of diabetes?

 what does medicare cover?
my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer my sister quit her job to care for her in her home she has a medical assistant degree and has worked in home health does medicare cover my sisters ...

 Do I have diabetes? Been very thirsty for the past week.?
Well As the title says.... For the past 2 weeks or so my Appetite has gone way down, And i have been very thirsty drinking about twice as much as i normally would in a day. Also after i eat i get ...

 I'm thirsty all day long !! & I've been drinking water every 5 mints!what should i do?or whats wroung with me?

 Diagnosed with diabetes now what?
I'm 19 and just got diagnosed with diabetes, I won't know what type til Wednesday but I'm taking 500mg Metformin twice a day and checking my blood sugar twice a day. I'm aware ...

*** i can't sleep most of the time
*** I don't eat as much as i use too, i do but not to much
*** i feel full most of the time
*** Been stressing alot
*** Been getting ...

What did type one diabetics do in the 1800-1900s?
Did they just die when they didn't know what to do?

died :(

Mr. Peachy®
There was nothing they could do. They simply died without anyone knowing why.

The history of diabetes is very interesting.
You can find loads of info on line.

People- mostly children, died . Many died from the diabetes diet and starved to death.

If you got it as an adult, you were sick for a few years then you died.

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