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 How bad is a blood sugar level of 143mg/dL for a 15 year old boy?

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it was the first thing i did in the morning and i didnt eat or drink anything for 6...

What are non-diabetic reasons for high blood sugar?
I've recently been experiencing a loss of appetite and irregular sleeping patterns. I went to the clinic yesterday to get checked out, and they ran some blood tests. Today they called me back and said that my blood sugar is elevated. I was told that my blood sugar was 168, and then referred to a primary caregiver. I've made an appointment, but I have no idea what any of this means.

I'm really confused, and I didn't get any other information from the clinic besides a phone number for the doctor I made an appointment with. Every search I do on high blood sugar comes up with information pertaining to diabetes. Am I diabetic now, or is there some other explanation for this?

I'm not sure if this is important, but I hadn't eaten anything before the blood samples were taken.

ur diet n how u digest food. if u can get to know ur blood/body type u will know what foods work for u. some people need more proteins others have too much-each person can be diff. the shape of ur body can tell u where ur food nutrients go. bottom heavy people need more fiber/proteins n top heavy needs more good carbs n vitB. my sister has blood type a+ n needs more vitB /C n proteins or she gets high blood sugar n looks bloated. everyones diff. the g.i. track has alot to do with blood sugars.
good luck-find the right doc-some blow crap out their a$$!

You are on your way to become a diabetic if you don't take control NOW. You could also be insulin resistance. If members of your family are or where diabetics, then you are higher risk to get it. To turn it all around, it means changing your diet, exercise, & pretending it won't happen to me. I did what I wanted & now I'm on my way to going blind & in the next couple years I will lose my leg.

One reading of high blood sugar especially if it is after a meal is not diagnostic for Diabetes Mellitis. It just shows that there is a chance that you may be diabetic. One reading of high blood sugar after a meal can be due to high calorie food immediately before the test.
The symptoms of Diabetes are increased thirst, increased passing of urine, more appetite, loss of weight etc. Have you got any of these?
Is anybody in your immediate family diabetic? Then there is more chance that you may be diabetic.
Anyway don't worry unnecessarily. Have your check up with the doctor.
He will do a fasting and after food blood sugar check up. Otherwise he will do a test called Glucose tolerance test which is taking blood sugar in the fasting state and then for two hours after giving you a glucose drink. This will tell you definitely whether you are a diabetic or not.
But as you have seen a high blood sugar once please do follow up with your doctor. It is better to know early and start diet or treatment if you are diabetic as early as possible to avoid complications later.

Miz Lamb
A severe infection would have your glucose up that high especially fasting glucose. But since they didn't put you on antibiotics for severe infection the only thing left is DIABETES.

Quit being confused and get on the same page with the rest of us here in the 21st century. We no longer have to have a glucose of over 300 to be diagnosed as maybe you are pre diabetic or some other idiotic term.

There is some really good info on these sites that will help you to get unconfused:

That's pretty high for a non-diabetic. Did you eat a large meal before the blood test? Go to your doctor and he/she will run a hemoglobin A1C test on you to determine whether or not you do have diabetes.

There are very few reasons that your blood sugar would be elevated other than diabetes. Sometimes a serious illness or infection can cause moderately elevated levels (which I would say 168 is moderate).

However, your doctor should perform an HbA1c test. This test will show what your average blood sugar has been over 2 to 3 months. That will be the best indication of whether your elevated level is some temporary thing or if you do have diabetes.

Here are some of the other symptoms you would likely have if you are truly diabetic:

-Extreme thirst
-Frequent urination
-Blurry vision

You may indeed by a diabetic. But if you have an infection of some sort, this can cause the blood sugars to rise. However, if they do an A!C on you and it is high, the infection does not have anything to do with that unless it is a bad infection that you have had for a long time. A1C levels indicate your blood sugar average for the last 90 days. So unless you have been sick with some thing for that long and your A1C is high, you are a diabetic. Don't listen to terms like "pre diabetic" or border line diabetic"...most doctors do not use these terms anymore. You either are or you aren't. Get all the testing needed to diagnose diabetes before you jump the gun. In many cases, diabetes (both types) is genetic. In type 1, the person is completely insulin dependent, meaning that they must inject insulin up to 6 times a day. Their pancreas does not make enough or any insulin. We are not sure why the pancreas stops working, but one of the theories is that it is attacked by some type of virus. With type 2, it is also a problem with the pancreas, and how the body uses insulin. When a person is insulin resistant (still type 2 diabetes), the pancreas makes lots of insulin, but the body does not use it correctly. In some cases, the pancreas makes too much and the body can't put it all to use. Some who are type 2 have a pancreas that does not make enough insulin, and need to take oral medications that help stimulate the pancreas's activity some and encourage it to make more insulin. It's not your fault that you developed diabetes....there is no way to prevent it. Although eating a good diet and daily exercise can help delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, it cannot actually be prevented. And food does not cause it to develop....eating too much sugar or too much junk food....those are old wives tales. Being overweight does not cause type 2 diabetes either, although those who are insulin resistant do have a tendency to gain some weight before they are diagnosed. Most type 2 diabetics are not overweight or ever have been...that is another old wives tales. What you are going to have to do now is watch your diet, limit the amount of carbs you eat. Todays diabetic can eat just about anything as long as we limit our carb intake. You will have to learn to count carbs, which is simple, and pay close attention to what, and how much you eat. You will also have to get some daily exercise to help control your disease....walking is a great way to do it. Some types 2 diabetics (11%) can actually control their disease with diet and exercise for many years. But diabetes is a progressive disease, and in time these people usually have to start taking medication of some kind. Type 2 diabetics that can't control by diet and exercise are treated with different types of oral meds, insulin, and many times use both. If you have diabetes, it is not the end of the world, the disease can be controlled well and you can live a normal, long life. Sign up for some diabetes educational classes and make an appointment with a dietitian or nutrutionoist. Doing this can make the biggest difference in the control of your disease.

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