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What Can diabetics eat? ?

You can copy and paste information, just no links.

My grandparents both have diabetes. No idea which one. I think type 1.

They have no idea what to eat so any lists please.

My son has type 1. He has few food restrictions. He counts carbohydrates and takes insulin based on the number of carbs. Low carb foods are good for diabetics with a restricted diet so check nutrition labels.
Ask you grandparents if they must follow a restricted diet.

kim g
They can eat anything they want if they are type 1. Type 1 means they have to have injection. No Pills, just shots. They just need to dose them selves for what they eat. Granted processed and foods with lots of preservatives and pure sugar isn't good and will make their number a little crazy but they can have it in moderation. Each person is different. They should have met with a nutritionist when they were diagnosed.

[ Twilight Obsessive ! ] ♥
They pretty much can eat anything.
They just have to watch how much they eat.
They also have to watch the amount of carbs in each,
and the amount of sugar.
I eat cookies, and bread, toast, I eat almost anything.
I take it very easy when I am eating sweets, but most people know I am diabetic and get me stuff without sugar.
: ]
Like my aunt just came down for Christmas, and she baked everything Sugar free.

White Raven
Type 1 diabetics use injected insulin. Type 2, controlled by injected insulin is pretty much the same as far as daily routine. Type 2, controlled with diet or diet plus oral medication is the type that I am, and here are the guidelines I follow:

1. Low carbohydrate, whenever possible.
2. Little or no actual sugar. Sugar alcohols (used in many "sugar free" products) are OK in limited amounts.
3. Also limit certain high-sugar vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and watermelon.
4. Depending on medications they are taking, grapefruit or grapefruit juice must be avoided (this is the case with one of my medications).

Also, be aware that any radical change in diet will affect blood sugar levels, which should be checked regularly and medication adjusted if necessary.

They can eat most things in moderation. The things they will want to avoid are concentrated sweets and simple carbs.

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