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 what is a proper diabetic diet?
give details for the complete day


 What kind of experimental research is going on for the cure of diabetes type 1 (juvenile onset)?
and what have the results been?
Additional Details
♥☆ɱʀ§. Ʀ○ʃϱ☆♥ - Nothing is wrong with my hair, you're just a simple-minded b*...

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 how does high altitude affect blood sugar with type 1 diabetes?
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 Diabetes question pls answer.?
Whats the name for or what type of diabetes is the kind were u need sugars...

Thanks .......

 Millions of diabetics are rejoicing over the ban lift on stem cell research. What's your opinion?

 a1c results confusing?
i took a blood test on friday my urine test showed no sugar in urine. and my a1c came back at 5.1 is that good or bad. dr wont be back for another week. do i have diabetes or am i fine i think normal ...

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 diabetes, how will you get and how to prevent getting?
well this is my average daily consumption: 1 drink about 300ml of bundung, 1 litre soft drinks, 250 ml coffee, and i eat a lot of fried stuff like western food, + i eat a lot of icecream (those kind ...

 does a person with type1 diabetes have a worse immune system?

 Can type 1 diabetics give blood?
Just wondering... I'm not old enough yet, I'm only 14, but I wanted to know if I will be able to when I'm older. I live in the UK....

 what are the blood glucose levels for non diabetics and diabetics?
Does any knowlegeble person furnish me the correct blood sugar levels for both non diabetics and diabetics regarding fasting, post lunch and random ...

 What are the symptoms of Diabetes and how do you know if you have it without getting tested?

 How do you get someone to realize the seriousness of their diabetes?? My dad knows the complications and...?
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 Type 1 Diabetic, Home birth?
Hi i am 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby, im an insulin dependant diabetic who has tight control of my blood sugars, with the other 3 pregnancies i was induced at 38 weeks as that is the way my ...

 What number says that you are borderline diabetic?

 Cause For Type 1 Diabetes?
I am a type 1 diabetic. I am a ''tween and I am ''curvy''. I get made fun of and have rumors because they think i am a diabetic because I am overweight. I am skinny, ...


 How can diet be effective in the prevention or cure of diabetes?
How can diet be effective in the prevention or cure of diabetes ?...

Thomas Milan
What's a normal blood glucose level for non diabetics upon waking?
Hello guys.

I'm an 18 year old male from the UK and I recently bought a glucose monitor because I thought I might have been diabetic. I've been worrying about it lots.

Before I went to bed, I just had a bowl of cereal, I had about 8 hours sleep, as soon as I woke, I took my blood sugar reading and it was at 6.6mmol.

Is this normal?
Additional Details
Don't forget I mean FASTING glucose level. 6.6 is still right for a fasting glucose level upon waking? :/

A fasting reading of 6.6 mmol/l is higher than the upper limit of normal, which is 5.5 mmol/l, but lower than the 7.0 reading that is required to diagnose diabetes.

I suggest you continue to monitor your blood glucose at home and follow up with your physician if your morning readings stay elevated.

Hi. I have had diabetes for 7 years now. The perfect blood sugar for example as yourself with no diabetes ranges between 4-8! You have nothing to worry about. However symptoms of diabetes are going to the loo alot, drinking a lot, shaking, blurred vision. etc. I think you'd know if u have diabetes because it's terrible you feel ill constantly. I wish i didnt have it but thts life. If you have any queries go to your doctor. Hope i helped

Dr.John L
Normal fasting blood glucose levels upon arising should be between 70-110mg/dl. f it's below that it may be suggestive of hypoglycemia, if above 110 or higher then diabetes must be ruled out. In any case it's good to go to a doctor for a work up. Yours seems to be slightly below the normal range, but not significantly so. Good Luck

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