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 is it a bad thing to drink blood ?
my girlfriend thinks that cutting myself to get blood id un heathy but i think she is over reacting . plus its my own blood how could that be un heathy ? what do you think ??????????
Additional ...

 I'm Pre diabeties...what can i do to get healthy?
My doctor just told me yesterday that after lab results that i'm pre diabetic. He says i'm 2 points away from having diabetes. This scared me so much because my grandma died from diabetes....

 Can anyone suggest a glucometer that you don't have to test on your fingers?
I was just diagnosed yesterday w/ diabetes and need a meter, but I type all day and don't really want to have to test on my finger tips....

 Will being diabetic make it harder to gain employment?

Additional Details
this question is aimed for UK answers only please....

 What's the odds I have diabetes if my blood sugar is 63 after a twelve hour fast?

 If untreated, can diabetes type 2 develop into diabetes type 1...?
I've been trying to find the answer to this but had no luck, would type 2 diabetes develop into type 1 if left untreated? Or would you always be a type 2 if that's your diagnoses? Thanks.<...

 Should I tell the truth or lie about this?
Ok, I tell people that I can't eat chocolate, candy, or anything that has a high level of sugar because have hypoglycemia. But, the real case is that it causes acne. Is this bad? I don't ...

 My grandmom is diabetic, I'm afraid she forgets her insulin takes it again. if she over dose what do i look fo

 I just got diagnosed with diabetes, is that why I've been feeling so tired and thirsty?

 Which fruits can Diabetic patients have?
I m diabetic patient since 2 months...
at present I have an Oragne in the morning as ssnack....small pear during lunch & an Apple at evening ...
So is it OK to have around 3 fruits ...

 Do you have to have all the signs to have diabetes?
I seem to be going pee alot i dunno if i am just being paranoid do you think i have it its in my family too i recently got off accutane and that can raise your blood sugar levels i don't drink ...

 the taste of diabetes?
okay so today i ate something really sugary, like a pastry covered in sugar dipped in sugar dip
and diabetes runs in my family
and i'm 14
and after i ate it, i felt almost light ...

 how can insulin dependent diabetes mallitus be cured?

 Do I have diabetes?
i dont know if i have diabetes or not. please help!
1) I have blurry vision sometimes
2) I have to use the bathroom a lot sometimes(like 3 times in 2 hours)
3) I get sleepy after i eat<...

 How can I find out if I have diabetes without going to a doctor?
I don't have insurance to go to a doctor but I am wondering if I have diabetes. I have to urinate a lot, I get light headed and shaky if I don't constantly have sugar, my urine has a sweet ...

 I'm diabetic. I perform self-monitoring of blood glucose daily. Can my fingerprints be distorted?

 Don't know how to help my husband anymore.?
My husband has been a diabetic for 1 year now he takes 2000mg of metmorfin, 20mg of glucotrol and 22 units of NPH a day. Lately his blood sugars have been running 330 to 477. I know for at least ...

 can you tell me if i have diabetes?
before eating breakfast i was 118....

 Is 160 a normal blood sugar level?
a few months ago i asked if 160 was a normal blood pressure level... but i mean blood sugar... REMEMBER THIS IS AFTER EATING PIZZA, WINGS, AND A CHOCOLATE ICE POP! I ALSO HAD A CAN OF COKE. (idk if ...

 I think I am Hypoglycemia but my symptoms are some of a diabetic?
In the morning I eat hot cakes and syrup. Not I dont cover my pancakes. I use very little even were I put it on the side to dip in. About 1 hour later I get really tire and almost sick to my stomach. ...

WHat type of pain reliever is recommended for diabetics? Aspirin, tylenol or ibuprofen?

Additional Details
Specifically for dental pain...

Cole S
one with lots and lots of sugar. like a placebo and a 100cc of morphine

first of all, 100cc of morphine would kill a man. try like, 2cc of morphine an hour MAX!

anyways, im no doctor, but i do know that both tylenol and ibprofen have the base drug "aceptametophin" in it, so they are very similar in composition.

this is a great question to ask your doctor im sure!

Tin S
Tramadol. A basicly non addictive opiate. Great stuff. I take 3 at bed time. Great pain relief....

It depends on type of pain:would it neuropathic or neuralgic pain which usually takes the form of burning with numbness or dysesthesia,occasionally severe pain,the best treatment is anticonvulsantsanti epilepticss)-Tegretol,Neurontine,Lyrica,…
Bt in case of somatic pain(joint pain e.g.)-the treatment includes different types of pain killers,but youshouldd becarefull,because many of them have adverse side effects(they can damage kidneys,heart,blood pressure or even interfere with antidiabitics,and alter glyceamia level),so in this case it's better to visit your doctor,who can prescribe best medication for you.

john m
aspirin or ibuprofen but don't just pick one look into it a bit more then asking some random people

Terra D
those all specialise in certain causes of pain. So it would be best to look into what kind of pain you are having, wether its muscular, nervous system related or not. You can't just take any and hope it goes away, consult a doctor or do some proper research online.

Whichever one works best for you is fine. None of those will affect your blood sugar.

Tennessee Redneck
Either one my papaw takes both

marie a
When I went to the ER with chest pains, but wasn't having a heart attack like I thought. They told me to take a baby aspirin a day to help prevent heart attacks as diabetics are more prone to have one. My doctor agreed and my pharmacist told me if on prescription drugs to take tylenol as it is safer with prescriptions than ibuprofen.Hope this helps and Good Luck!! Also if the dental pain persists you really should call your dentist and tell him the kind of pain your having in case it's serious and he wants to see you.

If you are worried about interactions with medications, you can ask your pharmacist.

As a diabetic, I have not ever been told I can't take over the counter pain meds. If you are have dental pain, you need to have that looked at, especially if it is an infection (gum disease, cavities, need for root canal, sinus pain can feel like tooth pain). Diabetics are at an increased risk for infections.

I prefer alieve for most things, but it can interact with some medications and people who have allergic reactions to aspirin shouldn't use it. For really severe pain, I get hydrocodone (by prescription). Next, I prefer Advil (ibuprofin). Tylenol (acetominiphin) does very little for me (won't even relieve a headache). Aspirin I will take for generally discomfort due to inflamation (knee pain, sore throat, etc).

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