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 insurance for type 1 diabetic?
My sister is a type 1 diabetic. She is moving out of state (to mississippi) to attend doctoral school (which means FULL TIME SCHOOLING). She got married, which enabled her to create a new insurance ...

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It is very perplexing?
I am confused. I posted the follwing and responses are contradictory. I need advice from well informed persons or a med docs.

"I am 54 yrs old. I was ...

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I have looked up a little a bit about diabetes. I am 15 and think i am diabetic.
I go to the toilet a lot, especially at night.
I drink lots and find that im always licking my lips and ...

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The carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy for your cells is a

complex carbohydrate called glycogen.
single sugar called fructose.
single sugar ...

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why are we not using all the sugar products of the world to make biofuels........and than see the weight of human beings drop off a lot.......the oil people don't want this to happen do they?.......

 odd diabetes questions?
hello. im a 15 year old boy. when i was little, my mom said i had some sort of food allergy where i got grumpy when I ate sugar. To me, it sounded like diabetes. However, she says it wasn't, and ...

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So I'm unhealthy and overweight and at high risk of getting type 2 diabetes and i'm on a diet and i can cope with a healthy breakfast and lunch but dinner allways catches me out ...

 would it b wrong???? PLEASE dont ignore this ?
ok so im hypoglycemic and i want to buy a blood sugar meter. i dont want to ask my dad cuz he thinks its no big deal i just have to eat more, but i want to get a meter just in case. would it b wrong ...

 Is pumpernickle bread ok to eat for people who have Type II Diabetes?
Is pumpernickle bread ok for a Diabetic's diet? How about rye bread too?...

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 I am a 62 years old Type 1 Diabetic patient, for the past 8years.?
My nephew who is a doctor says, "Diabetic Neuropathy.
PREGABA is the latest medication for the same along with Stiloz and OXRATE 600 mg. Any experienced doctors can give their openion?

 Can you be diabetic even if you're at a healthy weight and haven't lost any weight since it started?

Additional Details
No, I have not been to a doctor yet. But my blood sugar has been very out of order the past month or so, and I've had a few symptoms of both low and high blood ...

 How can I get my blood sugar levels down without medication?

 whar is the normal fasting blood sugar level?
mine is 99. am i diabetic?...

Mahyar M
Today, i tested my fasting blood sugar 3 times in a row in the morning.. how come it was different each time?

The first time i tested my fasting blood sugar in the morning it was 170. Then i tested it again right after and it was 130. so i tried it again and it was 114. how come it changed 3 times?

No ones sugar remains static day to day.
However I wonder why you are testing your blood sugar if you are not diabetic? Make sure if you do test that the meter is coded right (if it is a meter that must be coded) and that you have just washed your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dried them on a clean towel or paper towel. You should never use anyone else's meter, even with a fresh needle, due to the risk of passing blood-borne infections such as hepatitis and HIV>
Normal fasting (after 8 hours of no food) sugars are 99 or below. If your meter is correct (matches laboratory values) you fall in the range for diabetes.
Diagnosis of diabetes is a fasting sugar of 126 or more on 2 different occasions (by lab draw). Non-diabetic blood sugar range in the morning is 99 mg/dl or less.
I would get to a doctor and stop messing with a meter. If the meter is wrong you are upset for no reason, but if it is right you need to see a doctor anyway.
Hope this answers your question for you. Best of luck!

Gary B
Blood sugar does NOT stay at one constant value all day. It changes, even minute by minute, depending on what you are doing.

AND . . . the test strips can vary in their readings. The readings using a Home Meter are APPROXIMATE, not exact. the only way to get an EXACT reading is to have a blood test performed by a doctor.

The mistake you made was taking the readings three times!! DON'T DO THAT! it only leads to confusion -- as you have learned.

Take ONE reading, and be done with it.

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