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 I have a really sweet tooth but I don't want to get diabetes....?
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 PLEASE ANSWER, could this be diabetes?
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Newly diabetic!! What in the hell can I eat SAFELY at like Mcdonals, Wendys, Jack in Box, Burger king,etc????
I am a fairly new type 2 diebetic!!! I am so confused right now!!! I am also frustrated!!!! What exactly can I eat and don't eat at all the fast food places. I work at alot service calls and travel extensively from work. I am always on the road working at my job.... Need help on this!!! Thanks guys!!!
Additional Details
Breakfast, eat and don't eat.
Lunch, eat and don't eat. I am so confused at to what to eat safely at the fast food places, without bringing my sugar levels high. Doctor put me on the extreme drastic diet!!!

Miz Lamb
1. eat breakfast every day and do not skip! I have bacon, eggs, and half slice of oat nut toast with butter.
2. eat lunch every day and do not skip!! McD, etc, get the burger but only have one half the bun if that much bread, and do not eat the french fries.
3. eat dinner every day and do not skip!!! Order something like a small piece of any kind of meat cooked any way you like it and a very large dinner salad with real dressing.
4. plan in some snacks, a hand full of nuts, half an apple, what ever you like there.

I recommend you go find the book "Type 2 Diabetes: The First Year" and read it. It will answer most of the questions you ask, and a lot you haven't even thought of yet. It saved me a lot of grief and frantic phone calls to my doctors offices.

Check out Dr Sears Zone diet. There are some good ideas there. I don't order any of his suppliments and vitamins. All I do is take the serving size suggestions and menu suggestions and apply them to today's glucose levels.

South Beach Living and Atkins, both phase 2 only please, have some really good suggestions for menus for controlling carbs.

To check how any food affects you: test your glucose, eat the food, like a banana, and 90 minutes to 2 hours later check glucose again. If the food spikes your glucose more than say, 50 points, consider whether you want it very often or how much of it you want or do you want to delete it from your food plan forever.

As each of us is an unique individual, we must take charge of our conditions, take the doctors suggestions for diet, exercise, and meds, and test and journal and do it some more! Each food is unique to how it affects our glucose and each med the same way.

What works for me, may not work for you and tomorrow probably won't work for me any more either.

Good luck hon!!

type 2 as all about what you eat more so that type 1... yuou must eat a healthy diet from now on... but only you can do this.. have you seen a dietician.. if nit see your gp and they will sort one out for you... please be careful there are alot of complications if you dont.. neuropathy being on eof them.. have a look at mty blog
dont let this happen to you

Try to stick with grilled meats, NOT fried breaded junk, which will have too many carbs and too much fat.

Avoid white bread and white rolls and of course anything with sugar.

Try a salad with some sort of grilled meat, even if you have to order the meat separately from the salad, and on a bun. If the bun is white, you should probably toss half or all of the bun out. If its whole wheat or whole grain (best choice), then you can eat half or even all of it, depending on the number of carbs.

Try to get whole grain bread or buns if possible. White flour is bad for diabetics. Avoid eating too much bread.

Go easy on salad dressings as they are usually loaded with fat and sugar. Ask for a low cal dressing if they have one.

For carbs, you are better off eating a baked potatoe, rather than french fries or bread. Or try chili at Wendy's.

Alway ask the server for the nutritional pamplet. They give them out if you ask. Look for low carb, low fat items.

Aim for a total of about 30 to 50 carbs per meal, until you see a dietitician for a personalized plan.

Collect the nutritional pamphlets for all your favourite places and then at home, highlight the items that will work for you. Keep these papers with you in your car, so that next time you go there you can just glance at your phamplet and see what works.

ASK your doctor for a referral to a diabetic nutritionist or diabetic diatician for help on deciding how many carbs you should have for each meal. They can also teach you how to order healthier meals in restaurents.

Order water, or plain tea or coffee, avoid soft drinks, or choose artificially sweetened ones.

♥ terry g ♥
You should eat the better foods that are available. I try not to eat there, but sometimes I just HAVE TO HAVE McDonald's. You can get salads there but watch out for the dressings... Wraps tend to be loaded with carbs, and the burgers are heavy in fat. I usually get chicken nuggets and sometimes a parfait. You should really talk to a nutritionist first and decide how many carbs a day you should have, then go from there. It will help eliminate items quickly.

I have a booklet called Nutrition in the Fast Lane- A Guide to Nutrition and Dietary Exchange Values for Fast-Food. If you would like it, I can mail it to you. You can contact me through the email link on my profile.

Stay away from the fast food if you can. It's full of fat and bad carbs. If you have to eat out, get salad with diet dressing, or broiled chicken. Eat veggies. Stay away from anything on a bun. You need to get diabetes education, and get a dietitian or nutritionist. They are almost as important as your doctor. Don't get frustrated, we have all been there. It's also very confusing. Test your blood often, go to the doc regularly and take your meds like your doc tells you. I find that Taco Bell is very compatable with my diabetes. The tacos don't raise my blood sugar and it's tasty. I don't make a habit of it, but if I have to eat a quick meal while I'm out, that's where I usually end up

Lady Sardonyx
eat breakfast, because that is the time when your sugar is the lowest. eat lunch, and dinner. for the fast food places, you can eat salads, but watch the sugar content on those dressings. You can also eat the chicken sandwiches, but be careful because the carbs can make your sugar spike.

Get a veggie or a salad with olive oil and vinegar.

You should go as soon as you can to visit a Registered Dietitian. He/she will prepare a menu list of foods and the portions in which you are allow to eat them.

For starters, stay away from fried foods. Don't get discouraged and have patience: you have a lot to learn and you will appreciate food better. If only I knew then what I know now!

As a type 1 insulin dependant diabetic, I had to take a look at what I was eating before and what I can eat now. I have had it for nearly a year, and things have changed. Just be glad you don't have to take insulin, etc. I eat McDonald's, Wendys, etc., but I count my carbs for it, and I live in a SMALL town so I don't get to eat at them but twice a month or so. Pack a lunch to go, even. Don't waste your time eating fast food all the time. You will gain weight, have heart trouble, etc., in the long run.

Well, welcome to the club! You need to consult a nutricionist about your food, but if your doctor put you in a strict diet for now, you SHOULD follow it.
AVOID fast food (at least for now), fried food and sodas, and increase your amount of vegies. You have a lot to learn but I can assure you it will be for your best. It is very frustating at the beginning but you will see the benefits of a very healthy diet. And, of course, you will have more and more years of good living.
It is your decision to have a good live with diabetes!

Welcome to a world of total confusion.

I strongly suggest that you have your doctor give you referral to take a diabetes education class. They are commonly offered at local hospitals.

The length of the course varies. When I took mine some 15 years ago, it was 2 days. The first day was spent with a diabetes nurse and the second was spent with a diabetes nutrition and diet therapist. Both sessions were packed full of pointers, tips, dos and don'ts and much, much more.

The class can really help you with figuring out your diet...which for a diabetic, it not the easiest thing to do. First thing, go to a local bookstore, go to the medical or nutrition section and buy yourself a carb/calorie counter book (one that also includes fast foods). Keep it with you at all times for reference. In fact, buy two...one for home and one for the car. Get an extra glucose meter that you can keep with you. All diabetics should have at least 2 meters...preferably 3 (all the same kind). That way, you are less likely to forgot one or if one gets lost or broken, you have a backup. NEVER never never be without your meter.

Good luck...and remember, many of us on here have diabetes (myself included...I'm type 1 and use an insulin pump). We can answer questions or point you toward the resources that can when we can't.

type 1

You should call the physician that diagnosed you with Diabetes and request a consult with a dietician. Good Luck!

Well you can never go wrong with subway.... As for the other places, i suggest you get a kids meal with a diet drink or skim milk. Try being vegetarian for a few days and drink soymilk. I have been diabetic for 13 years.

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