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 If a person is Diabetic and thier blood sugar is extremely high,could they register positive on a Breathalyzer?
I know: if a persons blood sugar is messed up, they could manifest the symptoms of intoxication; but, is it possible for this same person to register positive on a breathalyzer.

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 Difference between Diabetes type 1 and 2?
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My urine's color is orange. what to do???!!!!!!!?
i have noticed this 1 week ago, and i did the urine test but it will take a whole month till i see the results, does anyone have a clue about the reason why my urine's color became orange?
(btw, i'm diabetic)

Mr. Que
consult the doctor first.. please don't panic, stay calm. OKEY... please maintain a good habit in eating.. eat more green lify vegetable, exercise, and pray to god.

Mike Hawk
Maybe you are dehydrated. Im sorry i have know idea

茶 ŘǺŴ ΡσώΣŖ 茶
Does it have a really strong odor? As if you've been drinking the night before and had to pee the next morning?
If so, you re just REALLY dehydrated.
That's my opinion.

Donna <><
I was thinking it was just really concentrated (before you said btw-).

No, you don't think straight
Well it can be caused by your food, so if you've been eating lots of rhubarb pies or something lately that could cause it.

Ghosthunters Cook Book
Drink more water. You urine can be quite dark if you are not drinking enough liquid because it is concentrated.
What urine test takes a month to get the results of?

You could be pregnant, or just not drinking enough fluids. Try drinking a lot of water, probably a gallon in 24 hours, and see if that changes anything.

drink more water

Nana to TWO
It sounds as if it's concentrated, which can be a sign of dehydration. Try increasing your water intake and see if that helps.

Tin S
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Drink more water.To change it real fast to clear , drink a few beers. It will change to clear.. Water , water thats the key. Women do not drink enough water.

Also you may have a terrible infection somewhere. I can't see where a urine test takes a month.

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