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 When you don't eat much can it cause your blood sugar to be high?
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 Did anyone have these symptoms and found out they had diabetes?
Diabetes runs in my family. My grandma had it, but she died January 26, 2008. My poppie has it and my mom has it too.

Here are my symptoms:
-A period that lasted 5 ...

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 How much is a bottle of insulin? "Lantus"?
in the USA

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the last 2 times my blood sugar was low i actually woke up. will this always ...

 Isn't a diabetic supposed to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, I know someone with it who smokes and drinks?

 Could I have Diabetes?
I'm 16 and have recently noticer symptoms that could
Be diabetes, i have lost alot of weight, am usually very thirsty, i feel drowsy occasionally and then cannot sleep and go to the toilet ...

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 Could I be Diabetic judging by what I've written below?
I'm a 17 year old girl and I get frequent headaches that aren't caused by dehydration, I have increased thirst and hunger - i drink over two litres of water a day, I go to the bathroom a ...

 Im so confused!!! If diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar then WHY do diabetics have to eat LESS ?
Hi, Im really confused. I asked if diabetes is caused by eating too many sweets or eating too much sugar, in coffee, cakes, ice cream , ect.....Many people said NO

But then why do ...

 Does it bother people with Type 1 diabetes to be compared with people who've been diagnosed with Type 2?
I've had juvenile diabetes since I was 11. People who've recently been diagnosed with type 2 usually compare themselves to people who make NO insulin and cannot control theirs with DIET ...

im 13 neally 14 years old and i think i have diabetes and i dont know what to do... the simptoms i have are:

•Extreme thirst
•Extreme hunger
•Frequent urination

 What happens when a diabetic stop taking insulin?
I have been diabetic for almost 15 years. Presently I do not have insurance and can not afford the two types of insulin that I require. What will happen as I have not had any insulin in about two ...

stacie f
My moms blood sugar is 471..we just found out...what does this mean?

Your Majesty
that's so high
the normal level is not over 100..
my grandpa is diabetic and his is never above 170..

is this fasting test? or just after food or after some time after the food?

anyways 471 Sugar level is too high better consult a doctor please.

the beetis
she needs insulin asap

Does she smell like nail polish remover or like..fruity?
If she does either get her to the E.R. ASAP or go to walmart and get ketone stripes. If she has Ketones she needs to get to the E.R. ASAP.
DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) isn't something to mess with.
She's lucky she isn't in a coma or vomitting.
If she's vomiting she needs help like 10 days ago. >.<

Rachel Lynn
Your mom needs to go to a doctor immediately. If the numbers just keep rising, she could go into a coma and quite possibly die if this is left untreated. She has diabetes, probably type 2. However, with numbers this high, she'll probably need either insulin shots or pills to get her numbers down. She needs to see a specialist about this, and now! A normal blood sugar is around 80. Hers is way too high, and these high numbers can cause bad damage to her heart, kidneys, and eyes.

471 is extremely elevated and is indicative of diabetes. I would seriously consider going to the ED. Is she suffering from any confusion or other side effects?

tim g
time to lose the sugar, especially soda, candy and cake. she's diabetic.

Normal peoples blood sugar without being diabetic does not go over 140

She's probably diabetic. Usually numbers that high mean that.

Obama is a Traitor
She needs to go to the e.r.

Diane A
She has developed diabetes. She will need to watch her weight, her diet & take meds. She will be enrolled in a diabetic education class as well.

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