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 help..wat could it be?
im 15. and i havent eaten anything with sugar in a loong time..
if i even take a bit of candy,cake, or anything with sugar,,my blood sugar drops drastriccaly really bad..

i get ...

 does my friend have diabetes?
What happens when you get ...

 mesin pelelas?

 Cheapest Lancing Device etc. for my type 2 ?
I'm looking for something that will be cheap initially and over the long-term since my insurance is bad on coverage. I'm using the Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing device now but it is pretty ...

 Is 89 low for Blood Sugar? ?

 Is this diabetes or something else?
For almost one month now, every time I eat sugar, I feel dizziness within 15-30 seconds of eating the sugar-containing product, and this dizziness lasts for hours unless I eat large amounts of ...


 If I just 'got' diabetes in fewer than the last 3 months, will the a1c (glycated hemoglobin) test show it?
If the glycated hemoglobin (hba1c) test measures the amount of sugar on the red blood cells within 3 months, then doesn't that mean that it will show a relatively normal level for someone if ...

 what is the explanation behind the prescription of metformin drug 500 mg before breakfast and after dinner ?
my husband is taking medications, a Glimepiride Metformin 500 mg before breakfast and Metformin, I-Max 500 mg after dinner. may i know the difference between the two drugs? What is the explanation ...

 Is smoking contribute to get your sugar count high?

I have very high triglycerides, I have come to take until 1600, in the final analysis came to be 1100, the bezafibrato what I have taken nearly 4 years, so I just suspend, with three bezafibrato the ...

 diabetes and brain. can it get better?
how does diabetes affect the brain if a person isnt looking after themself, and can their brain funtion get better if they then try to help themself?
Additional Details
the person i am ...

 I am 18 years old and diabetic. this morning I woke up with a strange lump on the back of my head...?
Should I be concerned about this? It doesn't hurt and I didn't hit my head yesterday....

 I get cold sweats and nausea, I have been checked for Diabetes but seems that every test comes normal? Help?
I recently had to go to hospital because it go so bad that I couldnt walk or keep anything down. Doctors ran all kind of tests (diabetes-TB-infections) but I feel they missed something because I ...

 what is your favorite brand of glucose testing meter?

 Help! My question and expanation is kind of long so read the DETAILS! My grandmas BOTH gave diabetes, so...?
cataracts can appear when people have diabetes. I didn't inherit diabetes (at least that's what I think. I don't have diabetes RIGHT NOW). So, i MIGHT have diabetes or I have a high ...

 want to know the best glucometer in market?
hai friends...my mother is 54 suffering with diabetes and hypertension...jus want to know which glucometer is best to buy for taking home readings..i m confused with various brands in the market......

 I was always fine, and then like 3 or 4 days ago I started to develop chronic dry mouth and thirstiness?
symptoms. It's very odd. It's like my mouth is always dry. I'm scared. I'm only 34, and I know that it is a symtom of type 2 diabetes. It hasn't gone away really in like 4 ...

 What's a good way to lose weight as a Type 1 diabetic?
I was recently diagnosed with diabetes last year, and since then, I have gained quite a few pounds back and then some extra after that. Plus, I am on a vegetarian diet, but because of that, I have to ...

 Fungas problem :( :(
I have pink fungas growing out of my nose, it gets in the way of me trying to eat and i get teased alot at school...the problem has been identified by my parents/doctors but theres nothing they can ...

august 10th with Tedd
My mom has type 2 diabetes. Her blood sugar for the past month is running between 235 up to 364. ?
She's having a toe amputated due to infection that is not healing. What are the other dangers she will face if she doesn't bring her level down to 130?

The Wiz
Have her see an endocrinologist to help her regulate her sugar.

Ginny B
Rather than ask what other dangers your mother will face if she doesn't bring her sugar levels down.....have you asked your mother or do you know why your mother's levels are so high? There has to be a reason and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

karen h
She could have a heart attack or stroke. Not to frighten you. I have Diabetes 2. She should be on insulin and on a strict diabetic diet. You are a sweet person to be concerned about her as I loved my mom too. Karen H

Over a long period of time high sugar levels damage:

RETINA .. . A leading cause of blindness

KIDNEYS ...This is when dialysis comes into play

NERVES...Damage to the nerves frequently leads to amputation which your Mom is already facing.

BLOOD VESSELS...Diabetes accelerates the formation of fatty plaques inside the arteries which can lead to heart attack, stroke, and decreased circulation in the arms and legs.

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