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My mom has just been diagnosed with TYPE 2 Diabetes?
I'm scared and new to the whole diabetes scene. I've searched online for meals and proper care...I'm still worried that I haven't covered all corners. Its all new to our family, my mom is the first person to develop diabetes. Can anyone offer tips or good reading? She's getting out of the hospital in another week so I'm trying to prepare myself as well as my brothers and sisters. Thanks in advance for your help.

Juan C
The aid offered by the Bible diabetics. Self-mastery and optimism are two qualities essential to the health and well-being of diabetics. But they need help to grow. Also family and friends will not insist they eat something harmful to their health, perhaps by saying: "For once, it does not get hurt! "Harry is type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

First of all, sorry to hear about your mother's condition.

Secondly, I think it's very sweet of you to be so concerned about your mother's new condition. However, with proper monitoring, Type II Diabetes is something that you can all live through as a family.

The most important thing to remember about Type II Diabetes is that it is all about diet and exercise. Anyone can develop it. You need to maintain proper nutrition and get the heart pumping! Your mother will need to monitor her blood sugar level everyday, and that's going to be hard to watch as her daughter, I'm sure. She needs to watch her diet- I recommend books such as "Healing Foods" (which is a great food encyclopedia that will tell you how to help cure and treat all sorts of medical condistions through nutrition) Find books on MNT (medical nutrition therapy).

To continue to be supportive, try going on the same diet as your mother. Cut back on sweets. Cook with sugar substitutes. Not only will this make your mother feel better about herself, but it will help your health in the long run, as well. Maybe you can pick up a sport/activity that you can all do as a family? A walk through the park every weekend? A jog every morning? Maybe somethign that just you and your mother can do together?

The best thing to do is not panic. Your mother will be fine. Type II diabetes may be hard to live with, but she doesn't have to go through it alone. She is very lucky to have you as a daughter to worry about her. You are taking the right steps! Good luck!

ted j
Eat meals at regular times minus the sugar.

German Shepard
Good website is www.diabetes.org, there is forum to ask lots of question. She is going to have to limit her carbohydrate intake.

There are so many new medications for the treatment of type 2. Your mom will be fine - especially with a support system like you and your siblings. We have found that the weight watchers diet is actually a very good diabetic diet. Since all of us could stand to lose a little weight, our family generally justs eats the "weight watcher" way. Also, substitute whole wheat or whole grain breads and pastas.

Diabetes Forecast magazine is a good source for info and common sense things that never seem to be on our list of things to watch for.

It is best to just stick with the plan that the hospital gives her. Attend the classes with your mom when possible. If you keep asking opinions you'll get lots of confusing information because everyone is a little bit different. Some people need insulin, some pills, and some don't take medication at all. Some people eat an extremely low carb diet and others do not. Ask the doctors or nurses about support groups. Go to all the available diabetes classes and nutrition classes that are available with the doctor and at the hospital.

Diabetes isn't a death sentance. It is manageable and treatment has a certain logic to it. Be aware of all the people that will want to talk about teas and other herbs and spices and such as a "cure" to diabetes. There is no cure, only treatment.

Ms. T
There are a lot of things that you can do to help control blood sugar levels.

Exercise, understanding how foods will affect it, medications, and natural supplements are some great places to start.

There are many different ways to be able to exercise, walking, dancing, swimming, roller skating, or playing an active sport are all great options. Find a few that you like to do and start off slowly, maybe do one one week and change to something else the week after so you don't get bored and get a buddy or a group of people to make it more fun.

There are lots of food facts that should be understood to help control diabetes better. Many people know about carbohydrates and sugar, but what about coffee, fruits and vegetables and proteins.

There are some natural supplements that work well with medication to help keep BG levels in check and may help out a few other health problems that might come up. Cinnamon, b-complex, and alpha lipoic acid are just a few.

Here is a website that will give you more information about the disease and how to help control it.

Good luck to you and your mom.

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