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My glucose reading is 124. At what point should I consider taking meds?
I was told that I am a borderline diabetic. I have a glucose tester. It has been around 124. Can I just exercise more? I already cut out most carbs except pasta.

Miz Lamb
so cut out the pasta already if you don't want to take the meds, usually Metformin/Glucophage. It is very important to keep glucose levels as close to 100 as you can.

Being borderline or pre diabetic is a death sentence to your wallet!! Most insurance companies will NOT pay for the testing supplies unless a person is diagnosed as diabetic. Your doctor is doing you no favors at all.

You must eliminate all grain and cereal products, soft sweet fruits, most milk products, root veggies, and legumes if you do not want to take the meds. and you must exercise at minimum an hour every blessed day, preferably two hours.

Any plant derived food is full of carbs! they are not all equal.

for more self education on diabetes read: http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes

Slow release carbs are good - pasta, potatoes, bread, rice - and should not be avoided. I have been told I should eat more of them.

Excersise would be good, even a brisk walk, walking up stairs instead of taking the lift, losing weight if you need to - though I know from experience this is very hard for most people!

In order to answer your question, I need to know when that 124 reading was taken. If it's a fasting reading, then you are definitely pre-diabetic. At the point you're at, some people opt to try the diet and exercise route. Others can usually be prescribed Metformin by their doctor. Even if you decide to take Metformin, you should still watch your diet and exercise regularly to slow the progression of your diabetes. A reading of 124 any other time other than fasting isn't considered to be borderline diabetes.

You should be asking your doctor what numbers are good for you. Your age, weight, exercise and general health must be considered. Your blood sugar levels varies each hour. Even you glucose meter has a 5 to 10% error factor.
I got off my meds by diet. Remove all starches from your diet. Keep you weight normal and test regularly.

Tin S
The sooner you start treating high glucose levels the better . I would be taking Metformin yesterday. Stop the carbs. Now. Maybe Dreamfields Pasta occasionally. I am not kidding. Exercise is one of the best ways to fight high glucose levels Plus Lower Cholesterol levels and lower Blood Pressure.

This is the best exercise . I do it 1 1/2 hours a day.

Nordic walking can be done year round in any climate and anywhere a person of any age or ability might otherwise walk without poles. It combines simplicity and accessibility of walking with simultaneous core and upper body conditioning similar to Nordic skiing. The result is a full-body walking workout that can burn significantly more calories without a change in perceived exertion or having to walk faster, due to the incorporation of many large core, and other upper-body muscles which comprise more than 90% of the body's total muscle mass and do work against resistance with each stride. 'Normal walking' utilizes less than 70% of muscle mass with full impact on the joints of the legs and feet.

Nordic Ski Walking produces up to a 46% increase in energy consumption compared to walking without poles.[1]

Compared to regular walking, Nordic walking involves applying force to the poles with each stride. Nordic walkers use more of their entire body (with greater intensity) and receive fitness building stimulation not as present in normal walking for the chest, lats, triceps, biceps, shoulder, abdominals, spinal and other core muscles. This extra muscle involvement leads to enhancements over ordinary walking at equal paces such as:

increased overall strength and endurance in the core muscles and the entire upper body
significant increases in heart rate at a given pace
greater ease in climbing hills
burning more calories than in plain walking
improved balance and stability with use of the poles
significant un-weighting of hip, knee and ankle joints
effective weight bearing exercise - creates positive total body bone density-preserving stress
I use plain old wooden sticks, works well>
If diabetics start the drug metformin early — within three months of diagnosis — it appears the drug will remain effective longer, a new study finds.

“This study suggests that to gain full benefit from metformin, patients should start taking it as soon as they find out they have diabetes,” lead author Jonathan B. Brown, an investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore., said in a news release from Kaiser Permanente.
Metformin, a generic drug, is used to treat type 2 diabetes by helping the body control blood-sugar levels. However, most people turn to other medications after a while because metformin stops working, but other drugs can be more expensive and boost the risk for weight gain.

The study, which followed almost 1,800 diabetics for up to five years, found that the drug took longer to fail in people who began taking it within three months of being diagnosed with diabetes.

In them, it failed at a rate of 12 percent a year. For those who began taking metformin a year or two after diagnosis, it failed at a rate of 21.4 percent a year.

“We believe that starting the drug early preserves the body’s own ability to control blood sugar, which in turn prevents the long-term complications of diabetes, like heart disease, kidney failure and blindness

Good luck

The first poster gave you inaccurate advice. The key is to cut out the bad carbs (white flour, white sugar, white rice, etc.) and eat more whole grain foods, which may still include pasta, rice, etc. The key is to control your diet. Simply put, you have to eat less food and exercise more. Here's four rules my doctor gave me to follow, plus I did a LOT of reading on food and diet:

1) eat less food; men should consume 2000 calories, women - 1500
2) eat more fruits and vegetables
3) eat food not chemical. Avoid processed foods
4) If God made it, it's OK. The more human hands that touch it, the more a food moves away from it's original form, the worst it is for you. Bacon, bologna, hot dogs are bad; fresh hamburgers, pork chops, steaks (in the right amounts) are fine.

Follow these rules and exercise, you'll lose weight and lower your blood glucose levels.

First off. There is no "Borderline Diabetic". Either you are or you aren't.

Second, 124 is not high. You don't want to have to start taking meds, so if you can maintain lower blood sugars (130 and below) with diet and exercise, you'll be better off.

Just keep testing your BS and keep a log of the numbers. Keep an eye on what you eat and what causes you to have higher BS readings.

Medication and insulin dependency are a real pain.

Good luck.

When you find you cannot reduce your blood sugars by eating better and exercising more and losing weight. Diabetes is such a national catastrophe and huge epidemic. There is a large genetic component to developing diabetes in addition to poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. Do everything possible to start eating all natural unprocessed foods, avoid sugar heavy products, no soft drinks. Research diabetic diets on line, follow them, and monitor your blood sugars. If they are not going down, then you should consider something like metphormin. Good luck.

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