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 how to go in coma? how can i make myself go into coma?

 Could this be diabetes?
i have been urinating a lot more than normal, i have been very thirsty sometimes even after drinking water, i have been very tired, my feet and hands sometimes go numb or have a tingling sensation. M...

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I have some and haven't had to use them yet. Just wondering how well they ...

 do i have diabetes??!!! please answer seriously?
okay, i looked up all of the symptoms and i seem to have alot of them, though i have no family history, i do have an incredibly shitty diet, lots of sweets, junk food. well i have noticed a few ...

 Could I have diabetes?
I'm quite worried because today we had a biology lesson on Diabetes and I have quite a lot of symptoms.
Such as:
Blurred vision
Itching skin or yeast infections
Excessive ...

 I feel like I'm starving all the time!?
i'v had a thyroid panel, and been checked for sugar in the urine but the doc says im healthy. I swear I cannot get full and food only feeds the hunger. I eat so much its taking over my life! If ...

 is diabetes as dangerous as HIV ?

 i need help with my diabetes?
iv had diabetes for 13 years i used to be realy good with it doing my tests all the time but as i went itno my teenage years i stopped doing my tests so much and now iv eneded up doing none accept ...

 2 question about high cholestrol...need advise.plz...........?
hey...recently my mum been told by doctors she has high cholestrol...and shes been going to the toilet alot and feels tierd and drained out alot of time.... could this be due to the high cholestrol?<...

 Insulin Pump Or Injections??
Hi everyone, i was wondering if you could help me. basically i've got type 1 diabetes and im currently on an insulin pump. the trouble is, after about a month i want to go back to injections ...

 Is it an option for a type 2 to wear an insulin pump?
I know pumps are used by type ones, but are there occasions where a type 2 would use one?
Additional Details
I'm curious because I've been type 2 for three years now. I wasn...

 what would happen if you had a 'hypo' in your sleep when you are diabetic?

Additional Details
what do you mean expire ...

 Does diabetes affect mood?
I have newly been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I am finding it hard to co-operate with life.
how do you guys get yourself to be happy or relate to your diabetes? i cannot help but be ...

 What causes diabetes?

 Can diabetics be vegetarians?
I've never been a vegetarian before, and there are a few reasons why i want to do this:

1. less insulin intake

2. i'll be healthier

3. I'm 17 years old,...

 Do I have hypoglycemia?
Often, I experience "spells" where I feel light headed, faint, dizzy, and my hands shake very bad. They mostly occur when I haven't eaten much. Usually, I drink orange juice or ...

 do i hav diabetes??
ive got addicted to monster drinks, and those hav alot of sugar and caffine. ive drank it daily for the past 2 weeks. today i stopped drinking it. but i hav peed more than 6 times today and ive been ...

 HELP! my diabetic mom just got a cut in her foot!?
My mom has been diabetic for 3-4 yrs now and she's got a cut from a glass that accidentally fell from her hands. It's a long cut in her foot and we're worried that if gets infected, ...

 For the diabetics?
I'm curious to know what your Health Insurance Providers are?? I heard people who have diabetes have a very hard time finding health coverage. If that is true, I'd like to know where I can ...

 I'm thinking about going on the cabbage soup diet & I'm diabetic. Is it safe for me to go on it?

Is there any permanent solution for Diabetes?

pandurang j
similar to you.

some Ayurvedic or Yogic PPL told that these theropy give benifit.
But I think no one can give correct answer.

Yes there is a solution in Ayurveda...

Consult any ayurvedic specialist....

yes there has so many chances to cure permenently in homeopathy. Because homeopathy can give u permenent sollution for many deceses . Know more.

xx..L!L d3v!l..xx!!
i don't think, there is permanent solution for diabetes.

for type 2 diabetes...yes
for type 1....no.....you have to take your insulin everyday....unless they come up with a cure....im hopeful... :)

Demand this condition to correct itself!

I am a dr ophthalmologist ( eye specialist).
There is no permanent solution for Diabetes. There is no solution in Ayurveda also. Don't believe anybody if he says that there is a cure.

Its not easy to control sugars in a patient with diabetes. Consult endocrinologist. Do regular exercise & yoga. Control sugar & fat in diet.
Read these links for details

No cure yet. Only treatment. There is lots of research into this, check out JDRF's site to see what the current status of research is. The Edmonton Protocol which gives a person insulin making beta cells essentially cures diabetes, however, the person must then start taking anti-rejection mediction. Hopefully stem cell research will find a way to make insulin producing beta cells, but that's years down the line.

Type 1 diabetes, no, the victim must take insulin to survive. In type 2 diabetes, its possible by control of the diet, but if its advanced the victim may still have to supplement with medications.

Tin S
Yes, death!!! But not recommended. You can control it but never cure it. And forget about the home remedies. Except maybe Cinnamon and vinegar or lime juice. They help keep blood sugar lower.
Good luck. Tin

Diabetes is a better partner than your spouse, it will not leave you in your lifetime. However with good management you can protect Your self from its ill effects. Take care of your Eyes and foot, wear customised foot wears.

Mary Boo
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