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 Could it be diabetes?
This morning when I woke up my sugar was 105. Last night 1 hr after eating it was 205. The night before last after eating it was 179....

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think it might be called postural fainting
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thanks all, its be happening on and off for quite a few yrs now but i`ve had 2 episodes in 8 months, last time on tiled ...

 why after having gestational diabetes 6 weeks later dr. said my blood sugar test was bad, had it redone and?
done for 3 years now has been good....
Ok so I am asking a little late....just wondering.

I am caustious thats all....I am gaining weight and I guess I am scared...My dr. seems to not ...

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like what can you be doing or eating or not doing to get diabetes?...

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Hello! From what I understand the plate format helps you keep a visual of what you should eat at each meal. one quarter starch, one quarter meat, half plate veggies. But my question is... how big is ...

 can low blood sugar cause sleep walking?
I'm diabetic and my family tells me sometimes i sleepwalk then later they test my blood sugar and its low. about 2 years ago at diabetes camp one of the girls in my cabin sleepwalked but woke up ...

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I saw the endro doc for the first time because my waking sugars were 150 and my sugars through the day were 180-290. I just felt I needed a new treatment plan. So the endro puts me on Lantus 10ius ...

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ive just started taking the drug but my glocose readings are still quite high doea it take a while to start ...

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 Can tablet urixin 400 mg be taken by diabetic people?

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My mother was prescribed this for infection which came up on her ultrasound....

 Have you been successfull at managing type 2 Diabetes with diet and exercise?
If so what has it been that has made you most successfull....

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how hard is the ...

♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥
Is there a way to bring down the level on the hba1c test quickly?
My husband was put on unpaid medical leave till his test results are 7-8. This morning they were 9. Per company policy and the nature of his job, he cannot work until he gets this down. Is there anything he can do to get it down so he can get back to work soon? If not, how long does it usually take for the numbers to go down on their own? His blood sugar is 140. He's on Avandamet.

He really NEEDS to follow a better diabetic diet. Look online for the 1800-2000 cal American diabetic diet. The Hemoglobin A1c is a average of his sugars for about a 6 month period. Make sure he is eating properly, taking his medication as ordered and that his daily blood tests are within normal limits. There is no quick way to get the HGBA1c down quickly, it measures long term control. Most important thing is DIET!

Your husband just needs to watch what he eats more carefully... Your hba1c is an average of your glucose levels over a 6 month period give or take a week or two. The best thing he can do is eat right, exercise, and check his sugar often. I don't know what medical insurance he has but mine only covers the hba1c blood test every 6 months.

I wish him the best of luck and a speedy return to work.

I don't think there is a quick and easy way to bring his a1c down. It will take time, because even if he has a month with his average around 7 or 8%, it still accounts for another 1 to 2 months (some readings say from 2 months and others 3). So your husband really needs to watch his diet and take his medication faithfully. Complications are what you do not want when dealing with any type of diabetes. Keep portions smaller, and with better carbs at meals so your blood sugar does not peak as high. Be careful, and I hope things get under control.

I have to agree with the previous people. The A1C is a "long term" measurement of one's blood glucose level. You can purchase A1C testing kits to do at home so you can monitor where it is at. When it gets below 9.0 then you can schedule a "lab test" to get the official results to give to his employer. This way you are not spending all that money for lab tests every two weeks or so to see if it has dropped sufficiently.

I'm sorry, but I don't think there's a way to bring that test down quickly. The reason being that the test reflects an average over a long period of time (3-6 months). He'll need to be really careful with his diet over the next few weeks for sure. Since a 9 isn't too far away, it might be worth it to check it again in a few weeks. Sorry I don't have a better answer...

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