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 what happens if glucose levels in the blood are low?

Additional Details
A.) Glycogen would ne broken down into glucose
B.) Insulin would be secreted by the pancreas
C.) Glycogen would be formed
D.) Cholesterol would be ...

 i was hungry/stomach growling i tested my blood sugar and it was 130 (i ate an apple an hour prior) i totally?
felt like my blood sugar was LOW i.e. slightly dizzy, nervous, feeling a bit faint.......but yet my blood sugar is totally in normal range......i tested it 3 times to be sure.......am i too assume ...

 eating before a blood test?
i'm getting blood tests done and my doctor didn't really explain very well how long should i not eat before a blood test??...

 What did type one diabetics do in the 1800-1900s?
Did they just die when they didn't know what to do?...

 I like getting controlled?
is that a bad thing?I like it when my boyfriend tells me what to do.Should I get help?...

 what is the statistics of diabetes fast?

 Please help me with suggestions about food and type 2 diabetics?
I have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What kind of food is okay for me to eat? And what foods should I stay away from?...

 Hypoglycemic attack, can a person be "awake" but VERY angry and aggressive?
I don't know as mush as I should about type II diabetics but if someones blood sugar drops to 30 or below is it possible they could still up and moving but in a VERY aggressive and angry state? ...

 I am having blood test in the morning to check for diabetes.its a fasting blood test can i smoke ?

 Why head ache and irritation is there for a person suffering from diabetes?
I am suffering from head ache and irritation is there for a person suffering from diabetes for this
is it related
any remedy please from doctors
and nerves is ...

 Blood sugar of 83 about a hour and a half after eating?
I had no idea I was supposed to fast for 12 hours prior to this test… or that i was even getting this test. I have already rescheduled to take it again but just to ease my mind would you think this ...

 Question about diabetes test machine?
My grandma is getting sick of poking her finger everyday, is there a daily test thing that doesn't poke your finger?...

 My wounds take longer time to heal and I easily get wounded and develop bruises. Do I have diabetes...or?
...am I lacking some nourishment?...

 Hus. has diabetes High BP and High Cholesterol but he doesn't seem to wanna take care of his self drinks Alto?

 what is the best medication for this?
i think i am delusional i think people are talking and wispering things about am and i think sometimes that people can here my thoughts or i am talking out loud and dont no it i am paranoied i think ...

 Question about thrush and exercise?
Okay so we just borrowed a friends exercise bike but i tend to have a problem getting thrush easily. (Ive seen the doctor about it but they don't seem to think there's anything wrong with ...

 what is the least expensive medicare supplement carrier in California?

 Where can I find a trusted Glycemic Index Chart?

 can mental illness be related to diabetes type 1?
i've heard about it being related to type 2 but what about type 1
i read somewhere that it could also be link to schizophrenia


 Diabetes Insipidus in dog? Any other treatment that works? NEED HELP!!?
I have a younger male Husky dog. For the past year he has been excessively drinking water and urinating anywhere he can. I have taken him to vet many times and has had all the tests possible to find ...

Is the sugar content in both green and red apples is the same?
Someone told me that there is no difference in the sugar content of green or red apples. But I feel green is not sweeter as red. I am a prediabetic and I usually take green apple only. Please solve my confusion.

maybe this will help-Harvey Milk
What? Eat Pumpkin. It's safe for diabetics, but you should consult your Doctor before eating it, just to make sure you can have it.

colour is no the determining factor it is more so the type of apple


tart apples naturally have a lower sugar content

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