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Dennis H
Is peanut butter good for diabetes 2 person to have ?

Nurse For 20 Years
For diabetics, eating peanut butter is not always the best idea. It contains an awful lot of sugar.

It depends on the type of peanut butter that you are refering to. A lot of stores have reduced sugar in them which is good. If it does not have sugar added into the peanut butter, it can be a very good snack for before you exercise and or sleep because it is a complex carb which means it keeps your blood sugar steady instead of making u rocket up. If it has added sugar that's another story and it is not very good to eat really for anyone. The main brands are usually the ones that add the sugar the the ones that you see on tv... Jiff... skippy... etc.

Read the labels. Most peanut butter has sugar in it.

It's NOT the sugar to worry about.
Just count your carbs as usual and PB is fine . It is protein and is delicious.
I just checked Jiff PB at my home and one serving [ 2 tablespoons ] more than enough for a sandwich, has only 7 carbs.

Tin S
Yes , a great snack.
Spread on celery sticks , great.


If you're going to eat peanut butter, buy the natural kind. It's peanut butter the way it should be, without all the added sugar and hydrogenated oils. And it's better for anyone who eats it. Just make sure you read the ingredients. It should only contain peanuts and salt.

Some supermarkets have sugar reduced or sugar free peanut butter. That would be much better, but because it is higher calorie, I use it more during winter than during summer.
If you are a peanut butter lover, get the 'no sugar added' kind.

More and more sugar stuff is no good.

DIY oatmeal is better than Honey Nut Cheerios, et cetera. Put some raisins or currants in it

A dried apricot is better than a chocolate candy piece.

I'd have to look at the label of the specific jar of peanut butter to give good advice on this one, but generally yes, peanut butter would be a high protein low carb food. Even the kind with sugar added usually doesn't have a huge number of carbohydrates per serving, so it would be ok. I've found the ones marketed as "low fat" often have a lot of extra carbs, so these would not be as good. As has already been said, it's probably best to go with an all natural brand (or make it yourself) and read the nutrition facts.

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