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He did not examine my thyroid or even ask me how I was feeling..I asked his assistant and he said that his wife had breast cancer and he did it because he cared????? It wasn't a natural exam he ...

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the one thing i dont have ...

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my fasting glucose level was 77, and the level 2 hours after taking a glucose drink was 70.

what does that mean - do i have hyperinsulinemia/hypoglycemia/insulin resistance. isn't ...

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Mainly it's about food. I love to cook, so I'm trying to figure ...

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Just concern about my health..!!!
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How to reduce blood sugar?...

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Is it possible that i am a Diabetic?
This is whats going on i have been having tingling and numbness's in my toes and knee and muscle pain in my right calf for a couple of months. My Doctor sent me to have an EMG study done because i suspected a pinched nerve. Well the study came back normal and the Doctor said he suspects i have diabetes because of the symptoms. I told him i didn't think so because i have had my blood sugar checked on two occasions in the last couple of months. His response was that i may be in the early stages and the blood sugar may not be coming up high yet and to get further testing. I do not know much about diabetes but i did read up on the internet somewhat and from what i read i read people with the leg problems i've been having usually have advanced diabetes. Ok so im thinking if i have have had diabetes long enough to be having the leg problems wouldn't my blood sugar show high? I also bought a blood sugar monitor and have checked my blood sugar 4 times already. Like when first waking up and after meals and it has been wonderful. Of course i am going to have diabetes ruled out by my Doctor with further testing but my Appt. is more than a week away and im stressing out about it . Another thing i have a 2 year old son and was tested for Diabetes during the pregnancy and did not have it then. I have a good hunch im not Diabetic but i would like some input from people who know about Diabetes? Is it possible i am diabetic or is it safe to say probably not?

Diabetes is diagnosed with two or more fasting readings over 125.
If your readings aren't that high, then diabetes isn't your problem.
People with diabetes develop the sensations you describe after years of high blood sugar readings.

Steve B
welll...ya need a fasting and 2 hour glucose and A 1 C tests to see for sure.......ask doc to order these...........

I think you need a new doctor...If he suspected diabetes, he should have ordered a fasting test for the next morning. You would have had lots of other symptoms besides tingling and cramps if you were diabetic. The constant peeing, constant thirst, ravaging hunger, getting sick when your Bgs get high...there are a ton of symptoms. Get onto the American Diabetes Association web site. Good luck and maybe see a chiropractor about the tingling.

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