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 Diabetes help?
how does physical activity help diabetes, if u no a site would be gr8 or if you could ...

 i am a male with diabetes; for the last 3weeks at night my body aches all over even my skin hurts.?
it only happens at night any ideas what it is please ...

 haveing uric acid in blood.(7.8)pl suggest diet, my age 59.can take egg/?

 am a type I diabetic patient on insulin........?
i am a 17-year-old boy and am suffering from type I diabetes and i think that because of that am look like so slim actually i would like to be get more physically fit body. is there any medicine ...

 vitiman store question?
ok so i went to the vitiman store and this guy said hey you wana get big. and i said yes. so he took me in the back and gave me this stuff called "roidz"???? (thats what he called it) ive ...

 What are the long-term and short-term advantages/disadvantages of drinking alkaline water?
Will drinking alkaline water help in controlling diabetes,retinopathy, pyelonephritis, UTI and calcification of arteries? Will it do any harm to a person having these diseases/...

 has anyone here done research on the possible cause of diabetes being a "parasitic fluke"?
I have been doing a lot of reading pertaining to alternative medicine, and have come across this several times.
has anyone had any experience with this?
Additional Details
I am ...

 what is the name for having too much sodium in the body and what problems does/could this cause?

The doctor has been playing with my husbands blood pressure pills , she has now changed them agian . He started to take them 3-4 days ago.Today he got dizzy and fell and almost got knocked out and he ...

 Where to buy RED WINE tablets in chennai?
Dear all , pls guide me where to get redwine tablets in chennai
Where to buy RED WINE tablets in ...

 what causes dissyness and light headedness?

 Can you delete the results off a OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meter?
If so how can you, because mine is getting so full. It is so annoying to have to go through them all. So if you know how to delete the results or reset the meter period please tell me. Thanks in ...

 Is lactose (milk sugar) considered a simple sugar or complex sugar?
Simple would be like table sugar, complex would be like beans or whole wheat bread....

 if I use a diabetes pump to regulate type 1 diabetes, do I need to move the siting of the pump every few days?

Additional Details
thanks Cammie so does that mean moving it every few days or just changing it every few days?...

 do i have low blood sugar please?
Im 13.
-I Feel starved after 1-2 hours
-I had a blurred vision looking at a textbook i thought my eyesight was just getting worser since i don't wear glasses often.
-problem ...

 i was just diagnosed wtih mild hypoglycemia (non diabetic) ?
I was wondering if this can cause extreme fatigue? for the last four years im tired all of the time no matter what, dizzy too. it doesnt matter if i eat or sleep for ever. Can it cause muscle/joint ...

 What's excessively thirsty?
I drink a lot of water during the day. I drink it because I want to get a high water intake, not because I'm thirsty. Well, I started to look up online how much is okay to drink and diabetes ...

 could you turn off the blood in bad company 2. someone answer?

 why doctors are reluctant to prescribe insulin pump therapy?

 Insulin test? What is it for? What does it mean?
My daughter has been having intermittent hyperglycemic episodes over the past 4 months. She is 4 and small (not overweight). The doctor did a fasting insulin test and a glucose tolerance test. She ...

Is it bad to eat ants?
Somebody left a bag of cereal open and ants had taken over I didnt want to throw away a whole bag of cereal away because that is a waste of food and little kids in Africa dont have cereal or even ants to eat, so yeah now I eat cereal with dead ants, do ants carry diseases or are they meaningless little critters and it doesnt matter if eat them?

i heard they taste like salt and vinegar chips!

sry i don't know if it's bad but i felt like sharing that:)

It is bad for the ants.

I once lived in Florida. On my screen window a big huge black ant had gotten caught in a spider web and died. It hung in the sun and cooked. One day a curious squirrel was trying to find a way into my house and was pulling at the screen. Suddenly the squirrel noticed the sun dried ant. His eyes went wide with surprise and he jumped up and grabbed the crunchy treat with delight. After that I wondered how sun toasted ants tasted. Maybe I will find out one day.

As to your ants I am sure they are high in protein. If my story does not inspire you to toast a few for research then please enjoy their tangy top note to your bland cereal without fear.

As to being meaningless you would be amazed how interesting the lives of ants actually are. They are extremely intelligent. They are more intelligent than many many many cultures of people. They not only make homes and conduct exploration, build boats, and carry out discipline they also bury their dead in established grave sites. Accordingly if you are eating ants that are already dead then I think you are karma OK.

I'd rather have a tuna melt.

truth sleuth
Might ask why your cereal ants are Dead! If they float in milk just flick them out with your spoon.

ur fine! ants are edible they are not any toxic ones in north america

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