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 Could I have juvenile diabetes?
i am 11 years old and haven't been feeling my best at all lately. i have nationals for softball coming up really soon and i want to make sure im ok. I have been researching juvenile diabetes and ...

 do you have to get some sugar to live?
I am careful with my sugar intact because i got a scare on a blood test that i had a somewhat elevated blood glucose level so i've been cutting most sugars and have been having diet sodas and ...

 Diabetes VERY HIGH, 585. Need advice?
My mother is 75. She was never a diabetic. Last week she was detected 585 sugar. We rushed to hospital and with insulin it came down to 200. Next day it went to same level. She is on medication by ...

 Sugar or protein: what's better nourishment when your sick with the flu?
Please help me settle an argument.
Additional Details
Sugar, i.e. sugar water or glucose. Protein, as in foods like chicken. Please also state the reason why one is better than the other....

 my blood test shows haemoglobin is 19.3?what should i do?

 What does Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes do?
Explain please! My mom's generation had diabetes except my mom lol. i need to know what type it is.

Type1 _______________________

Type2 _______________________

 How to treat diabetes?

 Is 100 a good blood glucose level?
Just wondering cause I just tested mine for the first time, ever. Haha. Thanks....

 I am Hypoglycemic and it is very difficult for me to loose weight, even when I follow a healthy diet. ?

 What did some of you diabetics believe caused your diabetes?
What was your diet like pre-diabetes??...

 what food has the highest potassium level ?

 Is a complete body skin rash, after weeks of too much sugar, a symptom of diabetes?
An adult male with diabetic mother and grandma....

 diabetes? please answer i am confused?
my gp is refusing to test my 14month old for diabetes. Diabetes is in my family (type1) My son has been ill for 2 months i have checked his levels at home today this is the results before lunch 4.3/77...

 I need some advice about my blood suagrs?
I have just recently been dx-ed with diabeties, the tyupe where my body produces too much insulin and realyl doesn't pay attn to it when its needed, I am on gipizide10 mg twice a day, even when I...

 Sugar Free Sweets Does Anyone Know ?
Does anyone know online in the UK where they do sugarfree sweets ?
I have found some but they don't have much choice its for Thomas (pictured left) he isn't allowed a lot of sugar and ...

 Does anyone have Diabetes ii?
My husband was just diagnosed with Diabetes 2. It was really a shock especially with the blood sugar reading of 407 which the doctor said is extremely high. He is having a hard time adjusting to ...

 What is type 3 diabetes? Pl mention your references (sources of information).?
The term "type 1 diabetes" has universally replaced several former terms, including childhood-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes, and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Likewise, ...

 Diabetes question?
How can the public health increase diabetes awareness and help prevent its complications?...

 What to Cook for Friend?
Hi all :) I have a friend visiting me soon, and will be staying for a week. He is diabetic and on the max amount of insulin.

I have no idea what to cook for him. I've asked him, ...

 Diabetics who have went off of meds. what do you do on a regular basis?
If you exercise everyday do you do this for more than an hour? Do you eat meals & snacks on time. What is your average day like. Exercise, food, supplements. Details appreciated. Even if you do ...

Is eating banana raise your sugar level?
I am daily eating 4 bananas, I have slighly sugar. Is it harm to a low level sugar patient

Erich S
1 medium banana (about 7 inches long) has 14g of sugar. Thus eating 4 of these gets you a lot of sugar throughout the day. Maybe eat some celery instead?

It will affect your sugars some but I would be more worried about your potassium levels. Bananas are one of the most potassium containing fruits you can eat. I'd ask MD for some blood work

Not sure!
yes unless you burn your sugar by doing lots of excercise,walking and cut back on other sugary stuff you eat.

TheOrange Evil
Bananas are fairly high in sugar. If you really want fruit, try small amounts of berries.

Miz Lamb
If you have a glucose level over 125 mg/dL or 7 mmol/L a banana is not good very often. Yes, bananas have loads of potassium and iron, but they also have load of sugar spike ability for some of us.

I do not even eat a few slices of banana in fruit salad without spiking.

Actually, all soft sweet fruits should be eaten in extreme small amounts. Half cup maximum per meal or snack.

If you have diabetes, any food with carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar level.
We count carbs, not sugar.

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