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a vaccine used to combat TB could cure diabetes for most within four years,according to scientists.
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 My husband's blood sugar drops drastically in the middle of the night. what to do?
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Is Type 1 Diabetes a disability?
In regards to applying for Medicaid, would they consider Type 1 Diabetes a disability?
If so, does it depends on how poorly it is managed?
(For example, if someone maintains a perfect A1c versus someone whose control over their diabetes is slipping?)
And do they take age into consideration, such as a nineteen year old, who has had type 1 diabetes for five years?

Pretty much what I am asking is if one could apply for Medicaid that has Type 1 Diabetes and is nineteen years old (Nineteen is when they cut you off if you're getting Medicaid for a low income family)

the king7
You should check out this diabetes video http://savoirvegan.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/reversing-diabete/

Gary B
Diabetes is NOT a disability. Diabetes is easily and effectively treated, and so does not qualify as a disability. A "perfect" A1C would PROVE that you are not disabled.

BUT -- if you leave it poorly treated for a long time, the loss of legs or arms IS considered a disability. being unable to work due to a weakened heart is a disability. ADN needing 3-times-a-week dialysis is considered a disability.

The trouble is, Type 1 diabetes is difficult to "treat poorly". "Poor" treatment of Type 1 Diabetes usually results in DEATH, not disability!

if money and supplies are a problem, try contacting the manufacturers of insulin, test meters, and other diabetic related products directly by email. ALL of the manufactures have Patient Assistance programs which will pay for part or all of the medication if the patient meets certain criteria.

Contact the manufacturers by email, and ask about their Patient Assistance Programs.

I am Type 1 with Diabetes, age 25 and I am considered low income so I get medicaid. Diabetes is NOT a disability. Medicaid did not look into my health situation, just my income.

diabetes in itself is not.

it is the impairments that diabetes can cause that are, such as neuropathy, retinopathy ..etc

you need to show you have a significant impairment in one of those areas, simply being diabetic is not considered a disability because lets face it, some diabetes doctors are diabetics.

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