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Help, what is it?...

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i used to be thirsty alot

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When purchasing items at the grocery store how many grams of sugar is too much is there a range? I even find sugar in apples and have troubles figuring out what is good or bad numbers.

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I have a cat that is diabetic - I just wandered those 2 questions....

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I'm visiting my family in a few months and they are all diabetic and I would ...

Is 76 Bad for blood sugar if your not diabetic?
I'm not diabetic at all just wanted to know if that was bad and i don't eat alt of sweets at all sometimes i feel kinda weak but what's the cause? Thanks im also a 15 year old girl

First of all I would advise you to totally disregard what Lincoln6 has said. S/he is absolutely, and totally wrong.

The 'normal' blood sugar level for a non-diabetic is between 70 and 110 mg/dL, though towards either extreme your doctor may wish to carry out further investigation.

If your blood sugar level is below 70 mg/dL and is causing you to experience adverse symptoms, your doctor may investigate whether or not you are hypoglycemic.

Some doctors are even more vigilant, and would consider a blood sugar (blood glucose) level of between 111 and 125 mg/dL to be a pre-cursor to developing diabetes, and may cause your doctor to investigate whether you are insulin resistant.

Actually 76 is low for blood sugar. Average is between 85 - 100. If the reading was 76 before breakfast you may have what is called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. If this reading was after you have eaten this is even more serious.

You really need to see a Doctor as hypoglycemia and diabetes are serious disorders that need monitoring.

not at all.
i'm 17 and my doctor says thats pretty good. :)

it is normal. If u did FBS, the normal is less than 200 mg/dL.

It's a borderline condition and any doctor will tell you to monitor it. Carbohydrates will stay in your system longer if they are consumed with fat.

No, 76 is absolutely within normal range. Normal range of blood sugar is 70-120mg/dL.

You may be slightly hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) if you find yourself feeling weak at times. See your doctor if this concerns you. Also, when you feel this way, it is important to drink sugary juices such as orange juice or apple juice, or eat some candy to bring your sugar back up. To ensure it doesn't drop again, eat some bread with peanut butter.

Best of luck to you.

I'm with Stupid
That's a perfectly normal number.

HOLD up a minute this is definitely debatable.

Just because a range of 70-110 is given as the gernal norm does not mean it is comfortable for every person. Everyone's body is different, and you can't just copy and paste a general range of numbers which is supposed to be normal for EVERY person. It will definitely vary 5 - 20 points per person. If she feels hypo at 76 then obviously its just a bit low for her an 85 is probably more normal.
For me 76 is a tiny bit low and I would feel hypo because I am more comfortable and feel best at 110 or 120.

Some will say its normal and some will say its borderline hypoglycemic. Technically its not bad but its on the lower end of the normal scale and obviously she feels a bit hypoglycemic.

Your not a diabetic so you don't need to worry about 76. Just pay attention to your body and have a snack when you feel weak.

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