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 ive just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2?
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 at what point should you take a diabetic with a fever to the hospital?
he's type 1 diabetic.
fever of 100.9 degrees F right now.
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 sugar levels?
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 Ways to lower my blood sugar level?
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 I've been diagnosed 'pre-diabetic' AND I have a cholesterol problem. What can I eat LOTS of?
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Angry Wanton
If a diabetic eats sugar and does not take insulin, what happens?
I mean, if a diabetic drank a pop or something without taking any insulin shots, would anything bad happen, or would the sugar just pass through their system with really no affect on them.

Or maybe i've got the whole idea wrong, are they supposed to have their insulin levels fairly stable throughout the whole day? with sugar levels accordingly?

I guess your question should have been "What is diabetes?". There is no such thing as insulin level. Its only sugar level or blood glucose level. The insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar levels in the body; it is secreted from the pancreas. Diabetic people have poor insulin secretion capabilities so they take insulin from external sources.

Having a pop without taking insulin for once increases the sugar levels in the blood for that day. I mean its OK no big deal.

Have a high sugar level for more than often and then you start digging graves for ur kidneys, eyes, heart and so on...........

insulin's function is to covert extra sugar for storage(glycogen). this glycogen wil b used wen ur body is out of sugar.
in a diabetic patien, they r lacking of insulin, whic means their body cant store extra sugar n the sugar wil be excreted. but, this gv too much work for ur liver. so, at the end, u wil have liver malfunction n death wil b d outcome

blood sugar levels go up. If no insulin taken blood sugars continue to rise leading to ketoacidosis. They become unconscious leading to coma and death. diabetes is a very serious illness.

Gary B
If they do this on a consistent, daily basis, they will die.

Once in a while, MAYBE it is OK IF they do not eat too much.

Your sugar level WILL vary, based on what and how much you ate. Eating cake and ice cream and washing it down with a vanilla milkshake will cause your blood sugar to go WAAAYYY high, like 600-700.

Eating a chicken breast and drinking unsweetened iced tea will only raise your blood sugar to 180 or so.

The problem with a diabetic is that when the sugar goes HIGH -- it doesn't come back down! THAT is the job of insulin, but that is the problem with diabetics -- they don't have enough insulin (Type 1 Diabetics don't have ANY insulin, and thus need shots).

If the blood sugar goes up and stays up for more than 2-3 hours, then it starts to damage the internal organs, eyes, and brain. With the diabetic, if the blood sugar stay high for a long period of time, they will enter a Diabetic Coma, and possibly die.

The idea of diabetic control is not to maintain a CONSTANT level throughout the day, but to LIMIT those high (and lows...) to a reasonable level and short time (less than 30 minutes) that will not cause the diabetic to get sick.

Your Blood Sugar Level will go up, and depending on that persons body type, you could go into what they call Diabetic Shock, which you will end up in the hospital. Some people can get through it safely.

All of your answers are correct when explaining about diabetes and how insulin works.

Yes, you are suppose to keep your 'blood sugar' level/stable throughout the day.

If you do not take care of your body while being diabetic, you could end up losing your eyesight, or kidney failure, etc. Diabetes, when not taking care of, will have a fatal affect upon you.

The doctor will prescribe a proper dosage of insulin shots for those who have Type 1 Diabetes. The dosage depends on that person and how their body reacts to the med.

With Type 2 Diabetes you can control your blood sugar levels with diet alone, or with an oral medication.

I use to have Type 2 Diabetes. I no longer have it. However I am going through Gestational Diabetes and that will go away once my baby is born. I am currently taking care of this through diet alone with great success. :-)

Their blood glucose would most likely shoot up. Diabetics take insulin to control blood glucose levels. This means that their level that isn't too high nor too low. Many diabetics will drink juice or other quick-acting sugars to get their blood glucose up.

Dennis or Michelle O
My sugar goes sky high and I get sick. Really thirsty, urinate alot, get tired, and just feel like crap.

The body wouldn't produce the insulin needed to process the glucose, causing the blood sugar level to become elevated. It wouldn't kill the person right away but more likely cause long term damage.

"But even with medication, blood sugar levels are inevitably elevated over time and cause vascular damage, leading to heart disease, stroke, amputations and other serious complications. Scientists are only recently discovering that the damage caused by high blood sugar levels actually affects diabetics at a cellular level."

Diabetics take insulin to keep blood sugar levels stable. If the Blood sugar gets too high it causes cellular damage. If the blood sugar drops too low (because of too much insulin) then the person could lose consciousness and potentially die.

Their sugar would likely shoot up. Diabetics take insulin to control blood glucose levels. This means a level that is not too high or too low. Many diabetics will drink juice or certain things to get their sugar up.

If the sugar were passing through their system with no effect, why would they need insulin?

The problem is that it isn't passing through, at least not fast enough. The kidneys can only remove a certain amount of sugar over a period of time, so most of the sugar remains in the system, circulating around and causing damage to the whole body (and to the kidneys as the kidneys try to remove it).

Without insulin, the sugar can not be used or stored as energy, so the body is starving, which also causes damage.

People, not just diabetics, need for both their glucose and insulin levels to be matched, stable, and in a normal range for the body to operate correctly.

Vik - there IS a test for insulin How else do you think they distinguish type 1 diabetes from hyperinsulineamia and type 2 diabetes? Because they can measure the actutal amount of insulin.

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