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 Are there certain foods you can avoid to decrease sweating?
I feel like I sweat more than normal, and I was wondering if it might be due to something in my diet? Or if there is at least something that I could avoid eating to decrease the amount I sweat??...

 RE: Diabetes Type II - Can one of the real doctors online pls answer?
Hi. I have recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I am taking 500mg Metformin twice daily (before breakfast and before dinner). Sometimes, I just don't feel like eating, especially ...

 Dont you think they should have games on the insulin pump?
like tetris or pacman or somenthing what do you think?...

 eating problems. i get sick everytime i eat something. please help!!?
since monday i have gotten sick every time i eat something. mostly breakfast and lunch. Since i feel sick i havent been able to eat much and i have been losing weight. I am 13 and was 103 pounds on ...

 Is anyone else diabetic..?
Hi,..i have type 1 diabetes and just wanted to know if anyone else has it...? btw im 14.... thank you ...

 How many type 1 diabetics...?
...get irritated with type 2 diabetics who think they know everything?

LOL...I'm going to start a culture battle with this question, but I just got in an argument with a friend of ...

 Is this a sign of DIABETIES?! --SCARED?
Okay well I am scared I could have diabeties!

I was talking to my mom a while ago and I told her something and she said "Uh oh thats not good thats a sign of diabeties" and then I...

 Health risks for excessive beer drinker to suddenly quit completely?
I've heard that it's bad for an alcoholic to suddenly quit drinking. What would happen heath wise to a person who drank excessively (up to 9 beers almost everyday) for a year and a half was ...

 I have diabetes, can I eat any carbs?
I am newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am so confused about my diet. One of the nurses told me no bread. She said the carbs were awful for me. But I spoke with someone who has diabetes and they ...

 Does anyone else who's diabetic not wear that little tag bracelet?
I hate wearing mine. It's so annoying....

 Please read... Need answer for type 2 ?
My boyfriend have type 2 diabetes, High cholesterol and High blood pressure.I do worry about him a lot. He's not making any attempts to change his life style. He continue to eat like he want. ...

 Diabetic not getting enough sleep?

 Would this blood test tell me if i had diabetes..?
i posted a Q yesterday asking if anyone knew a reason for my toes going numb & blue. A fair amount of answers said it could be diabetes.
I had a blood test on last monday because my lymph ...

 Can a vegan diet cure diabetes?

 diabetics--How hard is it for You to...?
Get back "on the wagon" If you've been really good at eating right, taking your meds, exercising, checking your sugar and all of a sudden you slip and eat something super sweet. Do ...

 I Think I Have Type 1 Diabetes How Do I Tell My Parents?
I have noticed that I have been acting wierd for a while, this is what I have been having........
Thirsty quite alot (I feel thirsty, but then I dont want to drink - I end up drinking 2 full ...

 I'm diabetic and losing weight rapidly....why is this?
I've been diabetic for 14 years, and I am starting to lose a bunch of weight without even trying. my blood sugars have been a little high the past couple days. I have no health insurance and ...

 What do you eat/take/do when you are type 1 diabetic and have a very low sugar?
My husband is Type 1 diabetic and has been since he was 8yrs. old (he is now 32). Usually he can help himself out and get his sugar up. Lately though, he's been getting so low he can't ...

 I want to have diabetes- is it normal?
I think it sounds so cool having diabetes. I love Nick Jonas and I want to have diabetes too. It sounds so cool injecting insulin, especially if the insulin is pink. Diabetes is the coolest disease ...

 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes?
I am a 24 year old female. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes October 15, 2008. When I was admitted to ER my BS was at 560...After being in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks I was discharged and I ...

I need to know a poison that will not show up in blood tests.?
Hi this is Embarrassed i need to know a good poison that will not show up in blood samples. It's for a biology project.

Shlumah benisco
Farts... methane is very powerful in high doses... fart in her or his eyes mouth ears and what ever hold she got on her body. ps hit her in the head with a hammer after poisoning her. that way it looks like a accident.

If it won't show up in a blood test, it'll show up somewhere else.

Renato N
ehh... biology project... mmm.... nahhh

I don't buy it!

Sure you do. Who's on your hit list?

Careful there. Your "biology project" may lead to the State doing a "biology project" on you.

doesnt sound like it would be for biology...
who are you planning to poison??....

Tin S
I am taking your word that this is a school project.
I would say Ricin is not tested for. Also the poison fron frogs are not tested for.

In Africa arrow poisons are made from plants that have cardiac glycosides, and one famous genus containing these compounds is Acokanthera (Family Apocynaceae). The principal chemical is ouabain--0.002 grams of ouabain is a lethal dose for an adult human. Cardiac glycosides, e.g., digitalis, slow the heart rate, increase cardiac output, decrease cardiac enlargement, and reduce venous pressure by working on the vagus nerve. Cardiac glycosides are also found in other members of the Apocynaceae, such as oleander (Nerium), as well as the closely related milkweeds (Family Asclepiadaceae).

Any student who may be destined to become a mystery writer certainly should learn about curare. Curare has long been used in tropical South America as an extremely potent arrow poison. The name curare comes from some very similar Indian names for the concoction


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