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 Doctors and Nurses: How high is too high for blood sugar levels?
A year ago, I was hospitalized for several days in intensive care with a blood sugar level of 699. Prior to that, my doctor had been monitoring my levels because of family history, but it came on ...

 what do i tell my friend with diabetes to do to help her get better?

 How can u get rid of diabetes?

 what is the cause of pancreatitis?

 what does to much potassium in your blood mean?

 what is this?
Hi there, i am a 24 year old male and have been having some health issues. In jan 05 i had a severe back pain radiating into groin and then the next day i had severe urinary symptoms..still ther. ...

 i jsut find out that i'm pregnant and my blood suger during this month was so bad does effect on babay?
my suger was 500 all the time and my A1C test was 11 and i just found out that i'm pregnanat .i'm dead scare about it becasuei just read about that and it was say babay might have defect ...

 What's the best medicine or treatment for someone who has gall bladder stone?

 diabetic recipes?
My father is coming over this weekend and he has developed a mild case of diabeties since the last time i cooked for him. Does anyone have some easy recipes as i'm no delia smith and need ...

 Describe the antagonistic effect of the hormones insulin and glucagon.?

 Insulin pump users... what pump do you use, how has it changed your life, does it give you better control...?
Please share with me. My doctors are beginning the paperwork process to see if my insurance will cover it. I am cautiously optimistic... Thanks!...

 what does a doctor that delivers babies do?
just wanted to ...

 how can you get diabetes?
Like, what causes you to get it?
Thank You!...

 why is there lower yield in the sugar cane industry now than fifty years ago?

 What types of sugar free or no sugar foods are there?

 Can not eating raise your blood sugar level? And also, can no sugar added drinks with "fake" sugar raise it?
My husband is a newly found diabetic, and his sugar level is pretty high right now.

He is on 2 meds, he just started them yesterday.

He has been waiting for his sugar to get low ...

 Is there a daycare in southern new jeresy for diabetic children?
A friend of mine is having a really hard time finding a place that will watch her newly diagnosed son. I only now of one medical daycare in this area, and they can't take him. If anyone knows ...

 diabetic permenant cure?

 Exercise makes muscles hypertrophy,can it be done in old age as 79 as I am?
I am suffering from obesity, and hypertension, diabetes mellitus, I want change me into a very strong man and reject my fat in the abdomen and muscle hypertrophy, is it possible?...

 entomologists, Chandler,AZ.?
Find a entomogist around Chandler AZ....

I have type 2 diabetes. Can I still donate Plasma?
I'm take oral medications rather than insulin. Is it safe for me? Would they accept my plasma?

Dino F
I don't see why not...sugar content has more to do with hemoglobin than in blood plasma.

Yes, you should still be able to donate plasma.

Sure they have taken mine for years through the Red Cross, diabetes isn't transmitted through blood like aids or anything.

Call the Plasma Center where you would donate. I think it's OK though.

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