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 Why don't people realize there is an big difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Not just in the way it develops, but in the way it's treated. And it's not just those two. There is type 1, type 2, gestational ... and that's just diabetes MELLITUS! There's ...

 How much dosage of Metformin?
I have a sweet tooth and we belong to a diabetic prone family. My cousin told me that I can take Metformin to lower my risk of diabetes. I want to know how much dosage of Metformin I can take and how ...

 How can I lower my A1C?
I saw my doctor today and he told me that if I can't lower my A1c by August he will have to put me on the injections. I don't want that. I am disabled which limits what I can do for ...

 My Dad is 81, and has diabetes 40 years, he takes a shot every day and checks if his blood level is low.?
Every day he wants something like an apple pie slice, or a dessert. He says he can have it. Is that right?...

 Effects of Diabetes on your lifestlye!?
I would like to know, from diabetic persons how diabetes effected their lifstyle and the way they live.


 Help! I can't stop worrying, and I'm kinda scared.?
Well,when I went to go get my blood tested it was 104 for blood sugar, which was really scary(I'm naturally a healthy person blood wise) And so they retested me yesterday, and I'm getting ...

 Can I get diabetes type 2?
I am of a normal weight - some would say skinny...
but I eat LOADS of chocolate, like at one stage I was having a block a night for at least a week...
I thought diabete type 2 could only ...

 Help! - Type 1 for 19 years. having trouble with Lantus and Humalog - Blood sugars are 117 @ 9pm and 365 @ 5am
I live in the country. Have a GP. Closest endo is 100 miles away and soonest appt is 2 months. Last A1C (May) 9.2. I spend all day getting my bs down. I'm adhearing to a strict diet and I'...

 I have a question about Diabetes...?
If my first cousin has diabetes type 2 how great of a chance (being 12 yrs. old) do i have in getting it also?...

 i babysit a diabetic 6 year old...what is a normal sugar level?
he likes to say hes low so he can get his glycos pills (whatever they are called) i just need to know what is an ok level for him and whats ...

 I have been getting dizzy spells lately, what could be the problem?
I just had a physical and told my doctor and she had my blood worked up and found nothing. Except I need my electrolyte level checked so I need to go back to the lab. Could not eating breakfast and ...

 which is worst type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

 why can't insulin be given orally?

 How can I help a 62 yr old diabetic with kidney problems if splenda is bad for you?

 my daughter is pregnant & her doctor prescribed metformin for diabetes is this safe?

 my girlfriend is diabetic type 1 what 10 things to eat do we buy?
i wanna know the top 10 things to buy to eat and drink???????????...

 whether eating more sweets leads to diabetes?

I'm really starving. I don't want something like Spaghetti, meats, bread. I want sweets, but I can't go outside our house because I'm too lazy. So, what should I eat in our fridge ...

 does everyones blood sugar, nondiagnosed diabetics, can different peoples blood sugar maybe be higher?
than others
after ...

 type 1 and type 2 , whats the difference? is one more deadlier than another? is one easier to treat than the?
other? i understand type 2 is adult onset and its from inactivity and too many simple carbs....teach me please. thanks!...

I have type 1 diabetes and my blood sugar has recently started dropping very often, why is this ?

see a doctor and ask them, I would take what ever they tell you over a bunch of freaks on the net

If you have recently begun to lead a more active lifestyle or have made changes to your diet without making changes to your insulin regimen, that could do it.

i would suggest seeing your doctor for a difinitive answer, but one suggestion might be that you are not eating frequently enough? your blood sugar will drop if you don't eat for a long time.

could be ur eating less, or not as regularly or ur more active thro out the day, make sure u taking ur bsl's b4 a meal and 2 hrs after to keep update to when they are dropping then u can sorta know wats going on, maybe drop ur dose by 2 units

There could be many reasons for this too much insulin,not eating prescribed carbs,not eating at regular intervals.Exercising which results in burning more carbs thereby lowering blood sugar quickly.You should tell your doc.Also you should always carry the "glucose tablets" to chew if you feel your sugar has dropped.

my friends with diabetes use www.nutrihand.com

they tell me that their diabetes is doing great all because of www.nutrihand.com

They have a community of support...

In type 1 diabetes

The insulin injections requirement are less or even no injections for a few months to have normal blood sugar.

It's called the "HONEY-MOON period"
This is because your few left out beta cell secreting insulin- becomes active, later they will also fail, then you'll be back to the same insulin injections.

Talk to your physician and follow his advice.


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