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 i'm getting braces 2day! any help or advise?
i'm going 2 get braces in today, both the top and the bottem teeth!!!
i'm worried incase it hurts, any help or advise??

 Why don't they make cigarette flavored toothepaste?

 I keep having dreams my teeth are falling out or they're loose. What does THAT mean?
I'll have these dreams where my teeth are so loose they're about to fall out. Or they just start to fall out one by one. Yikes!!...

 What does it feel like WHILE the orthodontist is putting your braces on?
I'm always so scared of dentists and stuff so like what does it feel like when they're putting braces on. I'm getting them in December and I'm kinda nervous. Thanks ;D...

 i had a squirel come out my as$...is that normal???

 Is my wife's denstist negligent and can we sue?
My wife began teeth whitening process which she was instructed by a dental assistant to apply solution 1 hour twice a day. This solution contained 21% carbamide. After 4 weeks she noticed that her ...

 I don't want braces, but I want straight teeth! What should I do?
Well, my doctor is always telling me to get braces and I don't want some for a variety of reasons. One is all my friends got theirs off already, also I am going to high school and don't ...

 Do You Have To Wait Till All You Teeth Have Come Out & Grown Back In To Get Braces?
Im going to have to get braces but were not sure when can I get them.
So please help me.
I really need to know....

 does a root canal hurt as much as having a tooth pulled?

what would make my teeth whiter?? pleaSE dont say go get them whitened or get like whitening strips. OR TOOTHPASTE...

 how to cure bad breath?
i am 15 years old but it seems that whenever i eat very little or talk very little,my mouth will stink especially in the morning.but during afternoon and night,my mouth will stink after i eat a lot....

 Ill be a BRACE FACE!! :-(?
I'm getting braces friday and then ill be a METAL MOUTH! What odes getting your braces on feel like.. i don't even want to be a brace face..........

 Help with braces.........?
i got braces about 9 hours ago. when i go to sleep at night, then wake up in the morning, is it gonna hurt really badly?...

 Can anyone tell me about root canal?
My teeth have broken and nothing left but the root. I am a diabetic and want to know if there is any risky problem with getting something done? I am also have heart murmur and HBP....

 wisdom teeth?
I have a wisdom tooth coming in on my left side and its causing pain. Dull, achy pain that I can feel in my jaw as well. I had two others come in with no problem and another one I had removed a ...

 What is one thing they say you cant eat with braces but you really can?
I know there a lots like gum and popcorn but can you just name some that really you are able to eat even if you have ...

 how can you fight bad mouth odor?

 does it hurt to get braces????!!!!!!plz help!?
I'm getting braces in about 2 weeks.Does it hurt!?How long?!Also I'm getting a herpst device put in,too.Does THAT hurt?Please help! I'm desperate! ALL answers are appreciated.NO ...

 Are these ugly? Be honest!! I think they are, what can I do?
circles are baby teeth. What can I do?

Additional Details
nah not my baby teeth, my other ...

 How bad is cooffe for you?

How soon after oral surgery can I drink through a straw?

*Fool in the Rain*
be on the safe side and wait a month
dry socket (which is a result of drinking from a bottle or a straw after having a tooth pulled) is extremely painful

william D
who cares

call your oral surgeon since each case is unique. He/she will probably tell you to wait anywhere from 3 days to 1 week. It also depends on if you require stitches...ask your surgeon.

Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa--Surgery Department
Sitemap Map/Locations News Contact Us. Pediatric Dental Surgery ... Avoid drinking through a straw! ... Liquids and soft foods should be given the day of surgery. ...
www.mercynorthiowa.com/services/surger… - 11k - Cached - More from this site

48 hours as a general rule, and that goes for any activity that could cause a vacuum in the mouth. No rinsing for 24 hours.

I had my wisdom tooth pulled, and you are supposed to wait at least 3 days so it doesn't become dry and that hurts. I hope that you feel much better.

i avoid it at all cause
but i say about 2 weeks
it also depends on how the surgery was
deep cut ?

I recommend waiting atleast 2-3 weeks.

you shouldn't drink thru a straw after oral surgery, the suction created in the mouth can break loose healing clots and tissue, cause infection and slow healing. You should not smoke for the same reasons. Wait until the oral surgeon says you can.

It will depend on the type of oral surgery. With any type of oral surgery, you do not want to dislodge with blood clot that is forming. If the clot is removed or dislodged, it can lead to a whole host of complications. The most common are increased healing time and infection.

If you have had your Wisdom Teeth removed, they say about 3 days.

You (or a loved one) can always call the oral surgeon's office and make an inquiry. That is likely your best bet as they are familiar with the procedure you've had done and any specifics to your case.

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